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ethylene acrylate (aem)

Ethylene Acrylate (AEM)

Type: AEM, Vamac Ethylene-acrylate (Vamac ®) is a terpolymer of ethylene, methyl acrylate, and a small amount of carboxylated cure site monomer. This compound is developed as a lower temperature version of Polyacrylate, but swells more. Polymer is sold under the trademark Vamac ®.

Usage: AEM exhibits properties similar to those of Polyacrylate (ACM), but with extended low temperature range and with enhanced mechanical properties. Ethylene-acrylate offers a high degree of oil, ozone, UV and weather resistance.

Parker Compound
Recommended For
Temp. Range (°F)
-40 to 325
Transmissions, Internally Lubed
-40 to 325
Vamac, Transmission Applications
-40 to 325


Ethylene Acrylate (AEM), Parker Seal Compounds, Rubber Materials
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