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V-Seals can be installed over flanges, pulleys and housings without dismantling.

The Parker V-Seal is an all rubber rotary shaft seal that is used primarily for the exclusion of dirt, dust or water as well as retention of grease and other viscous fluids. The V-Seal can also be used as a secondary seal to protect primary seals from hostile environments. Centrifugal force produces a decrease in contact pressure of the lip as speed increases, keeping friction all losses and heat to a minimum.

Applications - V-Seals can be found in a variety of applications including:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Electric Motors
  • Rolling Mills
  • Gear boxes
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Backup rolls, Work Rolls v
  • Pillow Blocks
  • Mining Equipment
  • Spindles
  • The flexible construction of the lip and hinge of the V-Seal allows it to tolerate a certain amount of run out, shaft to bore misalignment and eccentricity. Centrifugal force produces a decrease in contact pressure of the lip as speed increases, keeping frictional losses and heat to a minimum. The result is excellent wear characteristics and extended seal life. A V-Seal will not “groove” the shaft.

    The V-Seals are flexible rubber seals which mount on and rotate with the shaft against a counter face. The flexibility of the seal allows for some shaft end play. The seal configuration protects against contamination and can be used to supplement the primary shaft seal in a harsh environment. The DS can be used as a deflector or an excluder and is manufactured from a dense composite material. The SSW design is similar to the V-Seal, but is manufactured with a non-metallic composite construction at the ID that is press fit onto the shaft for heavy duty applications. The SSW will not lose the press fit on the shaft at higher shaft speeds— allowing for more consistent lip contact.

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