Case Study: Meeting Strict Life Science Requirements

The Life Science market includes companies with very diverse manufacturing outputs. From biopharma processing to medical devices, we understand better than anyone that no two sealing solutions are the same. With over 60 years of experience, our sealing specialists can work with you to engineer the ideal sealing solution for you unique Life Science application. Here is an example of one of the many unique solutions we’ve developed for our Life Science customers.  

The Situation

The Director of Purchasing at a manufacturer of cosmetic enhancement equipment was experiencing seal failure which could delay the release date of their product. We engaged with the customer to better understand the issue. Our customer told us they needed:

  • Close dimensional control of ID and CSD.
  • A self-lubricating seal material.
  • The ability to rapidly scale rapidly from prototypes to significant production volumes.
  • Ability to react quickly to production spikes during the ramp process
  • Ability to execute to an aggressive timeline.


The Solution

Working closely with the customer, our application engineers, account team and quality control specialists identified a unique seal package that not only fulfilled all required capabilities but was also able to be meet expedited delivery in time for initial prototyping and ongoing production. As a result, the customer met their production ramp and took the new product to market in timewith a successful launch.   To learn more about how Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal can help with your engineered sealing solutions for Life Science applications don’t hesitation to get in touch by phone at (510) 836-2449 or email at