Darcoid's extreme low-temperature O-rings for aerospace applications

In the aerospace industry, nothing is more important than mechanical reliability. Whether on the ground or at 30,000 feet aerospace engineers need to know that their seals can withstand the extreme temperatures and stress put upon seals in aerospace applications. 

Darcoid’s extreme low temperature FKM O-rings were developed specifically for aerospace applications and are engineered to withstand the extremely low temperatures of flight and stress of takeoff. Our FKM dramatically improved seal performance in aircraft fuel applications, providing the low-temperature performance, compression resistance and overall durability required to extend service life in real-world service. It also offers improvements over low-temperature nitrile and low-temperature fluorocarbon elastomers, and can be used as a universal seal material throughout an aircraft fuel system.

Darcoid’s extreme low temperature FKM aerospace sealing and O-rings compounds feature:

  • Wide temperature range: -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C)
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • 75 Shore A durometer
  • Excellent jet fuel compatibility
  • Excellent HTS oil compatibility
  • FKM durability

Get in touch with one of our sealing specialists today to determine if our low temperature aerospace FKM is right for your applications.