AMS3201 N0545-40 35-45 Dry Heat Resistance
AMS3205 N0299-50 45-55 Low Temperature Resistance
AMS3208 C0267-50 45-55 Weather Resistant, Chloroprene Type
AMS3209 C1124-70 65-75 Weather Resistant, Chloroprene Type
AMS3212 N0525-60 55-65 Aromatic Fuel Resistant
AMS3220 N0525-60 55-65 General Purpose, Fluid Resistant
AMS3238 B0318-70 65-75 Phosphate-Ester Resistant, Butyl Type
AMS3301 S0469-40 35-45 Silicone, General Purpose
AMS3302 S0595-50 45-55 Silicone, General Purpose
AMS3303 S0613-60 55-65 Silicone, General Purpose
AMS3304 S1224-70 65-75 Silicone, General Purpose
AMS3305 S0614-80 75-85 Silicone, General Purpose
AMS3325 LM158-60 55-65 Fluorosilicone Rubber, Fuel and Oil Resistant
AMS3337 S0383-70 65-75 Silicone, Extreme Low Temperature Resistant
AMS3345 S0899-50 45-55 Silicone Rubber
AMS3357 S1224-70 65-75 Silicone Rubber, Lubricating Oil,
  S0604-70   Compression Set Resistant
AMS7257 V8545-75 70-80 Sealing Rings, Perfluorocarbon,
  FF200-75   High Temperature Resistant
AMS7259 V0709-90 85-95 High Temp, Fluid Resistant, Very Low
      Compression Set FKM
AMS7267 S0355-75 70-80 Silicone, Heat Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS7271 N0506-65 60-70 Fuel and Low Temperature Resistant
AMS7272 N0287-70 65-75 Synthetic Lubricant Resistant
AMS7276 V1164-75 70-80 High Temp. Fluid Resistant, Very Low
  V1226-75   Compression Set FKM
NAS1613 E1267-80 75-85 Packing, O-ring, Phosphate Ester Resistant
AMS-P-5315 N0602-70 65-75 Packing O-ring, Hydrocarbon Fuel Resistant
AMS-P-5510 N0507-90 85-95 Gasket, Straight Thread Tube Fitting Boss
AMS-R-6855 N0406-60 55-75 Synthetic Rubber Sheets, Strips,
  C1124-70   Molded or Extruded Shapes,
      Synthetic Oil Resistant
AMS-R-7362 47-071 65-75 Rubber, Sheet, Molded and Extruded
      Shapes, Synthetic Oil Resistant
AMS-P-25732 N0304-75 70-80 Packing, Preformed, Petroleum
      Hydraulic Fluid Resistant,


      Limited Performance
AMS-R-25988 L1223-60 55-85 Rubber, Fluorosilicone
  L1120-70   Elastomer, Oil and Fuel Resistant
AMS-R-83248 V1164-75    
  V0747-75 70-95 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastomer, High
  V0709-90   Temperature Fluid and Compression
      Set Resistant
AMS-P-83461 N0756-75 70-80 Packings, Preformed, Petroleum
      Hydraulic Fluid Resistant,
      Improved Performance
AMS-R-83485 VM835-75 70-80 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastomer,
      Improved Performance at
      Low Temperatures