Alex Loback

President of Darcoid, Alex Loback ensures that we are successful and in alignment with our ambitions and core purpose. She celebrates 10 years with Darcoid and offers over 15 years of experience in business operations.

As president of Darcoid, she is responsible for setting a vision and making sure we are aligned and integrated with our partners' missions. Alex is responsible for clearing the path for each contributor to help accomplish their goals, driving the company’s success. She offers expertise in people development and crisis management.

In 2009, Alex earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Boston College. Alex is currently enrolled in Harvard Business School, Owner President Manager Executive Education Program, 2021 - 2023

Alex previously worked at CrestTec for their first 5 years. She oversaw the day-to-day management of procurement and operations. With her there, CrestTec was able to optimize processes and create change for company growth, success, and continuous improvement.

In Alex’s free time, she enjoys painting, hiking, and live music. Alex was a dedicated volunteer leader for the Entrepreneurs Organization of San Francisco. For two and a half years, she held the position of Learning Chair

Contact Alex if you are interested in partnering with an outsourced engineering company that will help you achieve your application goals. Alex will help you succeed and work through how to have products as close to your point of consumption as needed. She wants to work with innovative creators, introducing disruptive inventions into the world.

Contact Alex: 510-836-2449