Bob Loback

Our CEO, Bob, believes that the person is number one. His “Why” is Trust with Integrity and Respect. He expects us to embody “CanAttude”, his phrase for someone with an awesome attitude and effort. He sets the tone for all of us and pushes us to be our very best.

Bob is an expert in supply chain management and developing people to be their very best. He acquired four companies and merged three of them to create Darcoid, a “small giant” in the critical seal business. Bob’s focus is realizing our vision of a business with a lasting legacy of innovating and collaborating for our customers and manufacturing partners delivering results with accountability, integrity, and respect.

Bob earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Accounting from California State University, Chico, and is a CPA, inactive status. He is a current member of the Parker Engineered Materials Group DAC and was its President for 10 years. He was a past member of the Bay Area Tech Source and a Speaker and Panelist, at the Council of Logistics Management Annual Conference. During his tenure at DHL Worldwide express, he was Chair of the ACCA International Trade Policy Committee. He was with DHL Express for 15 years, starting as Director of Audits and leaving as VP of Operations.

Bob grew up in Northern California, lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife Becky, and has two adult daughters. He is a lifetime member of the St. Ignatius Fathers Club, an active member of the Olympic Club, and a patron of three SF-based primary education schools for the children of the underserved residents of San Francisco. He enjoys golf, bicycling, hiking, skiing, and traveling to his mother’s native land Italy.


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