Nand Patel

Nand Patel joined Darcoid over 19 years ago and offers 26 years of experience in quality, materials, engineering, and product development. As Director of Business and Product Development, Nand is responsible for discovering new business opportunities, finding new-to-market products, and capabilities and understanding customer needs.

Nand has led the quality department at Darcoid for 17 years, guaranteeing high-quality products. He built the Zero Defect Quality System to ensure Darcoid was aligned with Customer's Quality requirements and manufacturing partners. A system that is efficiently designed for continuous process improvements and quality audits to drive quality upstream. Nand continues to mentor, lead, and train the quality department.

Nand is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Darcoid. As a member of this team, Nand helps strategize the company’s future by understanding different divisions. Nand offers his expertise in filtration, life sciences, the medical field, material recommendations, design help, and new product development.

Studying in India, Nand earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with applied Polymer Science. He later earned his Master’s degree at the University of Toledo. In his free time, Nand enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball, and cricket.

Nand is proud to have established and developed trusting relationships with customers and manufacturing partners. He is an expert in providing technical recommendations and material and application aid. Contact Nand if you need an expert’s recommendation on seals, applications, supply chain, or manufacturing.

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