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Medical Grade Extrusions

Parker’s Precision Extruded and Cut Seals Made From FDA or USP Class VI Materials Provide Critical Sealing Solutions for Medical Connectors, Valves, and Fittings.

Applications: Medical connectors, valves, and fittings requiring static face or static radial seals and discs for a variety of healthcare device sealing requirements.

Market: There are three primary categories of potential customers:
1. Manufacturers of connectors, valves, and fittings that have a specialty line of Medical products.
2. Medical product design facilities.
3. Plastic injection molders of Medical devices.

Design Requirements: Engineered static face or radial seals made from either FDA “White List” or USP Class VI materials with precision tolerances. Free of flash, parting lines, non-fills, and voids. Rapid prototype delivery and production ramp-up capabilities are required.

The Solution: The Parker Division has a large variety of FDA “White List” and USP Class VI Elastomer formulations.

By utilizing an extrusion and precision cut process, Parker seals are free of flash, parting lines, non-fills, and voids, which are common concerns with molded parts. To ensure cleanliness, finished parts can be washed in deionized water and double bagged under environmentally controlled conditions.

Summary: Darcoid works with Parker who’s precision extrusion and cutting process offers the designer and manufacturer of connectors, valves, and fittings the best static seal product with no tooling cost, a broad range of materials to choose from, design flexibility, and speed to market.

Key Features:
• Static seals that are individually engineered to properly fit each application.
• Maximum sealing surface contact vs. round cross sections.
• Over 50 FDA “White List” and USP Class VI materials ranging from 40 to 80 Durometer Shore A.
  (See USP & FDA Specialty Elastomers Bulletin No. 5408B1-USA)
• Translucent, white, or custom colored compounds.
• Exclusive use of “Sealing Grade” Materials.
• Lot traceability with every shipment.
• Cost effective solutions compared to molded or die cut products.
• No tooling for OD/ID combinations
• No flash, parting lines, or non fills.
• Parker Design and Manufacturing process provides flexibility and speed to market.

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Medical Grade Extrusions

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