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O-rings are the most commonly used seal in the world. Darcoid stocks one of the most complete and exhaustive lines of O-rings in the industry and has the widest support and availability of major o-ring manufacturers worldwide. 

From cost effective, high production rate sourcing to the highest technologies of perfluorinated elastomers; Darcoid can provide the O-ring materials the customer requires for their applications. Our supreme range of materials means Darcoid has an elastomer to meet the requirements of high temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemical applications. For o-rings used in food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications, Darcoid offers a variety of elastomer material grades compliant with FDA USP Class VI, WRAS, KTW, and 3-A in addition to metal detectable o-rings, and free from animal derived ingredients. All standard sizes of AS568 and international metrics are available, non standard, very large, and any custom size imaginable can be provided.