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Metal Seals

Darcoid works with Parker which is an industry leader in the design and manufacturer of metal seals and metal sealing systems for extreme applications. Our metal seals are ideal for high-pressure, high temperature, harsh chemicals and vacuum applications.

  • Temperature > 1800°F • Pressure > 100,000 psi
  • Vacuum < 1 x 10-5 torr • Harsh chemicals

Hundreds of different seal designs for the most demanding applications are available. Our standard metal seal products include: C-Rings, E-Rings, O-Rings, U-Rings, Spring Energized C-Rings, MS O-Rings, AS E-Rings Standard Metal Seals

Markets Served : We offer a wide range of high performance alloys, special platings, and unique geometries to perform in the most rigorous sealing applications. Our sealing technology is currently being used on the ocean floor and in outer space exploration. Our metal seal solutions are used extensively in critical applications in the following markets: Aerospace, Power generation, Energy, oil and gas, Space exploration, Heavy duty diesel engine, Military, Automotive, General industrial


Resilient metal seals meet the challenges of high temperatures or cryogenics, high-pressures, deep vacuum, corrosive chemicals and even intense levels of radiation.

  • Independent optimization of functional components allows each discrete function including load, spring back and outer sealing layered ductility/hardness to be optimized to ensure the highest sealing performance
  • Directly bonded electroplating onto the load bearing substrate eliminates unnecessary parts and failure modes
  • Pressure energization uses internal/external hydrostatic pressures to supplement the self-energization forces from the tubing, jacket, or spring
  • Total Metal Seal Service includes custom and standard sizes from 0.250" and larger including circular and noncircular shapes. Parker also offers the complete range of MS metal O-ring sizes, all AS1895 E-Rings sizes, and the fastest delivery of C-Rings from our preferred size list.

Dynamic metal EnerRings offer a new design option for critical low duty-cycle, all metal sealing in mission critical applications. Frequently selected for high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) service, dynamic metal seals excel under extreme environments. Typical applications include valve stem seals, both quarter-turn and rising stem, and fluid couplings.

Image of Metal Seals

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