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T-Seals feature an elastomer seal element with nylon or PTFE back-up rings to prevent the seal from extruding or rolling in the groove. Parker’s T-Seal product line is available in a variety of materials and configurations for industrial applications.

T-seals were originally developed to preserve advantages of O-rings in dynamic fluid power applications while ending two of their most serious reliability problems:

  1. Extrusion through the gap between static and dynamic surfaces
  2. Instability in their grooves, which led to spiral or twisting failure

The T-seal eliminates both of these problems while retaining the space-saving attributes of the compact O-ring groove. Above all, the T-seal meets or exceeds the O-ring’s outstanding ability to seal at all pressures and temperatures. T-seals have been developed to replace existing O-ring seals in long-lived hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Their ability to fit into existing grooves means that a retrofit can be made with no re-machining or major revisions to the existing hardware design. This simplifies both field changes and new equipment manufacturing.

Piston T Seals

Piston T-Seals combine a resilient sealing ring with a hard, split back-up ring on each side of the sealing element. The assembly installs in a standard o-ring groove. T-Seals are non-spiraling and extrusion resistant to 5,000 psi with improved intermediate and wide base. T-seals are designed to fit MIL-5514F o-ring glands only and interchange with 1 o-ring / 1 back-up ring and 1 o-ring / 2 back-up ring grooves, respectively. Material: Buna-N Rubber Seal Hard Plastic Back-ups. Temp: -35 To +220F Pressure Range: 0 To 5,000 PSI.

Rod T-Piston Seals

The Rod T-piston seal is designed for installation in standard commercial O-ring grooves. Designs should allow for proper lead-in angle (identical to those specified for O-rings). Due attention should also be given the chamfering and/or recessing of shoulders, ports and threads, which may damage the seal in installation or operation.

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