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A gasket is a device that is placed between two surfaced together to prevent leaks. Gaskets are also used to keep out contamination and contain pressure in a system. The effectiveness of a gasket is dependent on intimate contact and compression between two or more mating surfaces.

Darcoid manufactures gaskets of all sizes and geometries in most any compound you desire. Specialty cut gaskets from a variety of materials are produced onsite at Darcoid. Gaskets are produced through a number of manufacturing methods such as “clicker” presses, water jet, continuous die or rotary die cutting. The methodology depends on the material, size, quantity, and other mechanical factors. We help you choose which one is best for your application. Gaskets can also be striped to narrow widths as well as PSA backed. Specialty marking is also available. Whatever your gasket needs, in any material or size, Darcoid can provide it.