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Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe cuts are manufactured from a tube of rubber by inserting a mandrel into the tube and cutting the finished dimensions with a cutting tool while the mandrel is turning. ID’s range from 0.030” to 19.000”. Lathe cuts can be used as a bumper, sleeves, dampeners, static and radial seals, etc. They can be made out of any polymer group. In addition to the typical square or rectangular cross-sections, a number of special cross sectional configurations are available within the standard size range.

Minimal or no tooling cost
Minimal process waste- no flash, parting lines, non-fills, centers, or webbing
No die-cut hour-glassing
Sizes can be easily adjusted
Suitable for standard and non-standard grooves
Wider sealing contact pressure and more consistent sealing pressure
Excellent physical properties
Performances are not sacrificed due to the extrusion process
Special curatives are used to ensure proper cross-linking
Easy to produce miniature sizes
Short lead-times
Best sealing choice when applications calls for a static face seal
Flat, inner diameter adds stability and eliminates rolling and spiral failure                        

Darcoid's suppliers have expanded facilities for the production of lathe cut rubber seals. We use state of the art grinding equipment to finish outer surfaces to close tolerances. This lathe cut machinery is suitable for high speed, precision and large volume production.

Vacuum Sweeper Belts
Container Seals
Automotive Applications
Roller Sleeves
Marine Applications
Appliance Applications
Vibration Dampeners
Coupling Gaskets
Filter Gaskets
Wiper Seals

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Lathe Cut Gaskets

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