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Clipper Oil Seal

OEMs worldwide know Clipper Oil Seals for their ability to provide superior performance in the most demanding and critical applications. A one-piece molded construction and the ability to provide application-specific designs, if needed, are just a few of the reasons Clipper seals are specified for critical applications. These applications include as aircraft landing gear, military vehicles, underground mining equipment and roll chocks used in the steel industry. Clipper seals are available for shaft diameters from 0.250" (6.35mm) to over 65" (1651mm) in both standard and high-performance elastomer compounds. With over 10,000 tooled sizes, Clipper seals are readily available for most applications in either a solid or split design. The most unique feature of the Clipper oil seal is nonmetallic construction. The metal case that is common with traditional lip seals is replaced with an aramid fiber and elastomer composite material. A wide range of lip profiles are available with the aramid composite OD to suit virtually any application need.

Stainless Steel Springs are Standard on all Clipper Oil Seals where the industry standard is a lower quality carbon steel. Clipper’s spring material provides improved lip loading at higher temperatures and resists the rust and corrosion that is common with lower quality materials. The upgraded spring ensures consistent lip loading over the life of the seal.


Clipper Oil Seals are used in a wide range of industries including light industrial, mining, paper, Steel, food processing, marine, aerospace and petrochemical. Application equipment includes: •Pumps •Motors •Gearboxes •Crushers •Fans •Pillow blocks •Run-out tables •Paper rolls •Work rolls •Mixers •Compressors •Overhead cranes •Drag lines •Hoists •Elevators •Mine cart wheels •Flywheels •Idler wheels •Tapered bearings •Custom equipment

Features, Advantages and Benefits

The Clipper Oil Seal can be used as a direct replacement for metal case seals and provides the following benefits:

  1. Composite OD provides gasket-type seal at OD for improved sealing in worn housings. Compression plates are not required for seal retention or lip loading. The tight press fit eliminates the need for a cover plate.
  2. Will not rust or corrode.
  3. Consists of a seal lip and seal OD to form a one-piece molded construction across entire size range and a more robust design compared to gluing or crimping the seal lip to a metal case.
  4. Resists problems caused by thermal expansion when seal case and housing are different materials.
  5. Eliminates seal damage during installation. The Clipper seal is known for its user-friendly installation.
  6. Nonmetallic construction allows split-able design.
  7. Composite material provides unique design capabilities; i.e. flange, buttons, mounting holes.
  8. Allows for faster delivery of non-stock items with no manufacturing delays caused by waiting on metal components. Seals 14" and over ship in less than 10 days and typically less than four weeks for small diameter.
Image of Clipper Oil Seal

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