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Spring Energized PTFE Lip Seals

PTFE FlexiSeals and EnerSeals

Our full line of spring energized PTFE lip seals are used on rod, piston, face and rotary sealing applications. FlexiSeals and EnerSeals are typically used in areas where elastomeric seals cannot meet the frictional, temperature, or chemical resistance requirements of the application. Utilizing a variety of jacket profiles, PTFE compounds, spring types, and lip configurations, these seals can be designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding seal environments. 

Parker’s PTFE fluid power seals include piston seals, rod seals, buffer seal rings, rod wipers, rotary swivel seals and wear rings. Standard inch, metric and custom designs are available. PTFE seal materials are produced in all of the standard filled or unfilled configurations from compounds commonly used in hydraulic or pneumatic PTFE fluid power components. Proprietary high-performance compounds are available for especially demanding applications. Decision tree's for each product are available to reference for more information.

Image of round PTFE plastic seal with internal spring

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