Semiconductor Products – Bonded Seals

crestteclogoCrestTec offers an array of custom bonded door designs, which use superior grade aluminum/stainless and robust, plasma resistant Semicon grade materials. These ultrclean materials combined with custom-tailored designes reduce partical generation and extend PM intervals leading to increased wafer yields.

We continue to help our customers addess abrasion related symptoms that eventually lead to unscheduled downtime, as a reuslt of high particulate counts. With improved bonded door designs in combination with proprietary materials that offer excellent chemical and temperature resistance, our customers have gained better predictability of failure and achieved up to a six time increase in service lie. 

Let us help you with our wide range of Semicon specific elastomers and unique bonded designs that were specifialy developed for aggressive semiconductor sealing applications. our offerings include various desings that are compativle with most OEM equipment platforms. Slit valve and gate valve door options are redily available and we would be glad to help you maximize equipment throughput with improved sealing performance offered by our bonded sealing solutions. Call us to learn more about how our bonded door solutions can help you.