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UHP Gate Valve Door

Advanced Bonding Technology

Parker employs advanced bonding technology in the manufacture of the UHP Gate Valve Door. The superior stability of the bond between door and sealing element provides improved abrasion resistance and seal integrity, resulting in extremely low particle generation and dramatically increased seal service life.


Clean — From Production to Installation

To guard against contamination and ensure product quality, the UHP Gate Valve Door is processed and packaged in an ultra-high purity manufacturing cell. All work in this cell is closely monitored through a batch traceable statistical process control program.


Features and Benefits

Abrasion-resistant seal material reduces mechanical wear

Advanced bonding technology dramatically reduces particle generation (up to 4X reduction)

Ultra-high purity processing and packaging eliminates contamination

Superior chemical and temperature resistance results in increased seal life


Parofluor Series Materials

UHP Gate Valve Doors can be manufactured with a wide variety of fluorocarbon materials, as well as Parker’s Parofluor Series Advanced Perfluorinated Elastomers. Parofluor materials offer a choice of performance levels for every application. Their broad chemical resistance, high temperature resistance (up to 320C/608F for Parofluor ULTRATM compounds) and ultra-high purity can help reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve safety.



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