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PPE manufactures and supplies the Perlast® range of high performance perfluoroelastomer materials (FFKM).

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is the most chemically resistant elastomer available and is effectively a rubber form of PTFE. Perlast® perfluoroelastomer grades provide other properties which prove most valuable in critical sealing applications where purity, high temperatures and retention of sealing force are paramount.

The Perlast® range of perfluoroelastomer materials are at the leading edge of polymer technology. They have been developed to offer superior sealing solutions with enhanced performance and improved functionality, which is proven in the field (see case studies).

Benefits of using Perlast® seals include:

  • Increased in-service seal life-time
  • Improved sealing performance
  • Extended machine/equipment planned maintenance (PM) intervals
  • Increased machine/equipment output
  • Reduced machine/equipment downtime
  • Optimised process conditions
  • Reduced process contamination
  • Reduced cost of ownership
Perlast® is a registered trademark of Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd
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