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Semiconductor Seal



Parofluor ULTRATM materials, whether formed into O-rings, molded shapes, or composite seals, can resist higher temperatures and a broader range of aggressive chemicals than typical perfluorinated elastomers. These materials are compounded to resist compression set and retain their resiliency in the most demanding environments. Sealing products made with Parofluor ULTRA materials are available in a broad range of standard and custom configurations, including:


For applications that do not require the unique properties of perfluorinated elastomers, we offer a complete selection of elastomeric and/or plastic sealing compounds, including fluorocarbon, HiFluor, silicone, fluorosilicone, nitrile, HNBR, Neoprene, butyl, polyurethane and TFE/propylene AflasTM.


Parofluor ULTRA elastomers are next generation sealing materials, representing the very latest in perfluorinated elastomer technology. These materials are proven performers, and have been tested for thousands of hours in extreme, real-world applications. And they have our unique combination of experience and innovation built right in.


Parofluor ULTRA features include:

• Ultra high temperature resistance up to 320°C/608°F

• Ultra high purity (see Figure 2)

• Ultra broad chemical resistance (see Table)

• Excellent retained resiliency and compression set resistance

Image of Semiconductor Seal

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