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DESCRIPTION: Neoprene is a polymer that provides resistance from oil, weather, oxidation and
sunlight. Its chemically inert.

Electrical insulation
Car fan belts.
Corrosion-resistant coatings

It can also be used as a base for adhesives
Used for noise isolation in power transformer installations
As padding in external metal cases to protect the contents while allowing a snug fit
Distinguished by the ASTM specification

Style 10 – Commercial: A smooth finish general purpose compound with low temperature flexibiliity and oil resistance. Resists rotting, checking and cracking due to weather exposure, meets ASTM specifications for 1 BC Material.
Style 12 – Matte Finish: Neoprene blended sheet with a matte finish on one side. It is free of talc and release solutions which make it excellent for applications that involve the use of pressure sensitive adhesives.
Style 15 – 50% Neoprene: A premium blended sheet for applications requiring a higher percentage of neoprene. This formula resists weathering and has a wider temperature range than commercial neoprene
FDA series Neoprene: Food and Drug Administration (US Government) approved neoprene sheets 
PSA-ready series Neoprene: These compounds are designed to be used with pressure sensitive adhesives.
Neoprene heavy-guage sheet: Available
High grade commercial neoprene: 100% Neoprene base
5100 Series Neoprene: 51% Neoprene base
1300 Series Commercial Neoprene


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