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Our diverse range of piston seal profiles suit a broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Parker’s designs and materials extend our piston seal solutions across the full range of industry temperatures and pressures. The most common families of piston seals include:

ChemCast Piston Seals

ChemCast piston seals provide flawless sealing at temperatures over 300°F (149°C) and pressures exceeding 50,000 psi. At the same time, they eliminate hydraulic piston drift, cold flow and metal-to-metal contact. Each seal consists of a self-lubricating, reinforced, heat-stabilized thermoplastic outside diameter sealing ring and an oval elastomeric back-up ring.

Urethane Piston Seals
We supply a complete line of urethane single and bi-directional piston seals. Parker’s Molythane and Resilon family of urethane materials are industry known for their high levels of performance and quality.

PTFE Piston Seals
Parker’s complete line of PTFE energized piston seals is offered in various PTFE compounds including bronze, glass and graphite loaded solutions. Profiles include energized PTFE rings, T-seals, capped seal designs, as well as engineered profiles.

Integrated Pistons
Our integrated piston combines piston, bearing and seal into a single product. This integrated solution enables design engineers to tighten clearance gaps and in turn improve the performance of the cylinder. Integrated pistons are available using a variety of core materials and seal materials.

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