Life Sciences

Life Sciences and Medical Devices Manufacturing Solutions with Darcoid

The life sciences and medical devices industries face myriad challenges when designing and selecting the best possible seals. Whether your business is biopharma processing, Class 1 medical device manufacturing, biotech, diagnostic drug delivery, or pharmaceutical manufacturing, Darcoid has the technical know-how and logistical capabilities to provide sealing products and elastomeric components guaranteed to meet the exacting standards required by these applications.
From concept to final design and the provision of products for planned downtime, we’re ready to help you find the short lead-time solutions that will support your business and enable its success.
And because we understand that the costs of poor quality (COPQ) are extraordinarily high for our life sciences and medical devices customers, Darcoid is committed to the highest-level quality controls and material validation work to ensure zero defects on your production line.

Custom-Engineered Life Sciences Solutions

The critical seal component and process needs of the life sciences and medical devices industries present numerous requirements that are exclusive to those markets -- and there’s no room for error.
Whether you’re a product designer experiencing seal failure that could derail Phase 4 approvals or attempting to mitigate difficult design constraints, Darcoid is here to help. We’ll work with your product engineering and purchasing teams to understand your specific needs and formulate short lead-time solutions to optimize your manufacturing capabilities.
From O-rings, gaskets, and custom shapes, to high purity hose, sanitary clamps, and bellows, our offerings include materials approved by one or more governing bodies, such as NSF, API, ASTM, UL, FDA Title 21 (Part 177.2600), USP Class VI, USP 87, ISO 10993-5 and ISO10993-10.  
Our available thermoplastic resins include everything from common plastics (e.g., PVC, ABS) to extreme plastics (e.g., PEEK), while our elastomeric compounds include organic compounds (EPDM, Nitrile, and Viton, to name a few), as well as a variety of silicones. Depending on the silicone choice, manufacturing processes include compression, injection, transfer, and liquid injection. And both thermoplastic and elastomeric products can be made homogenously or can incorporate inserts of plastic or metal.
Full batch traceability helps us ensure you meet the stringent quality and conformity requirements that are unique to your industry.

From Prototype to Production and Scaling: Another Customer Win

An innovative medical device design team approached Darcoid with a unique and expedited challenge. They had run into a wall with the failure in the material selected for their micro molded bellow and tasked us with the challenge of coming up with a solution. 
Our quality assurance team didn’t hesitate to jump into action. The prior TPE material selected was unable to meet the requirements for temperature control, but with our expertise and experience, we worked to identify a USP Class VI LSR material that could fit the application. 
We created production control prints and delivered working prototypes all within our partners urgent timeline. 
Another win for a Darcoid customer. After evaluation and approval, their team was able to launch and scale productions with our teams’ side-by-side.

Consistent Quality, Delivery, and Responsiveness: The Darcoid Promise.

Our life sciences and medical devices customers can always count on Darcoid to deliver consistency of quality, delivery, and responsiveness.
Our first-in-class manufacturing partnerships guarantee short lead-time for quick prototypes. And our global presence – we have distribution centers in California, Oregon, Texas, the northeastern U.S., the U.K., and Taiwan – allows us to cost-effectively source an extensive range of industry-standard seals in just a fraction of the time, passing the savings on to you.
The same global footprint also allows us to forward-position your inventory near your manufacturing plant, so product always arrives where you need it when you need it. Darcoid provides every customer with the highest level of service in the industry, while our unparalleled quality assurance programs guarantee life sciences compliance and ensure you always receive exactly what you’ve specified.

Our Next Level Strategy:  3 Pillars for Success

More than a Seal. A Bond.
Every day, the people of Darcoid works hard to live up to our tagline. You’re never just a customer; you’re a partner. Your success is our success. It’s what our Next Level Strategy is all about:
  • Quality: We NEVER change anything unless you tell us to.
  • Technical:  We understand seal quality is essential to product performance, as well as your brand.
  • Fulfillment: We possess the distribution and logistical chops to keep your lines running on schedule. 
  • Strategic Alignment: Even the best seal solutions aren’t much good if they fail to arrive on time, with zero defects, and on budget.
To ensure you reach your goals, we’ve built Next Level atop three formidable pillars:
  • MY[D]:  By focusing on Fit, Form, and Function -- the Law of the 3Fs -- MY[D] allows our engineers to evaluate your current processes, tailor solutions to your specific needs and goals, and ensure we always exceed your expectations.
  • Engage with an Engineer: We'll quickly connect you with the specialists who can solve your problems. H.I. – Human Intelligence or the interaction between our engineers and your team –makes it possible for Darcoid to get the results that will drive your success.
  • Global Footprint: As a family-owned business with a global reach, Darcoid is both small enough to care and big enough to help you optimize performance and operate more efficiently, no matter where in the world your production lines are located.
Let Darcoid Take Your Life Sciences and Medical Devices Applications to the Next Level!
If your business is ready to take its life sciences and medical devices applications to the Next Level, we have no doubt Darcoid will get you where you want to be.
To say H.I. to our engineering team and learn more about MY[D], simply fill out our Contact Form or give us a call today at (510) 836 – 2449.