Fluid Power Light Mobile

Fluid Power and Sealing Solutions for Bicycle & eBike Applications with Darcoid

Mountain bike and off-road vehicle enthusiasts may not know us, but there’s a good chance Darcoid is helping to power their favorite recreations. 
Darcoid is a leading supplier of enhanced sealing solutions to the cutting-edge light mobile crafts and vehicles such as high-tech bicycles, ATVs, snow mobiles, jet skis, sandrails, baja trucks and e-bikes. 
Our engineers dig deep, getting muddy if we need to, and match the technological demands of high-end models with innovative sealing solutions that optimize the performance of the latest models.
Today’s consumers are experiencing the world around them and demand equipment that meets their satisfaction. Our partners understand the important role that seals play in delivering safety, performance, and reliability. 
The world of eBike and high-tech bicycles is exploding. To win this race, Darcoid’s teams are ready to hit the roads and trails with your team and find the right solutions.
And because we're only too aware that the costs of poor quality (COPQ) are incredibly high for customers in this market, and the IPXX requirements in eBike technology to prevent the ingress of moisture and debris from the motor. Darcoid maintains the highest-level quality controls and material validation work to ensure zero defects on their production lines.

Custom-Engineered Fluid Power Light Mobile Solutions

If you're riding a mountain bike, eBike or other off-road vehicle, you've got to keep control over the chop and brake reliably whenever you need it. That means professional race-grade high-performance suspension and brakes need to do more with less:  More rider sensitivity and control in smaller, lighter packages.
And as these platforms continue to innovate, the old generic seal designs aren’t enough. Smaller package size, lower friction, higher pressures, smokin’ temperatures, and tighter tolerances mean your faithful old O-ring just won’t cut it anymore. Even the most tried-and-true designs are going to need improvements.
Darcoid gets it!
We specialize in optimizing seals for your demanding high- performance brake and suspension requirements.  We’re ready to leverage our industry fluency with material development, profile design chops, and best-in-class manufacturing partners to bring you solutions that will let your customers ride harder with more control than they ever thought possible.

A Commitment to Quality, Delivery, and Responsiveness

Darcoid also understands that designing in the United States and manufacturing in Asia has its challenges. And we recognize that cutting corners in your supply chain can result in significant warranty and return costs.
Our global footprint -- California, Oregon, Texas, the northeastern U.S., the U.K., and Taiwan – allows Darcoid to economically source and forward-position an extensive range of industry-standard seal and filtration components at a fraction of the lead time -- and pass the cost savings on to your business.
That same footprint also means you'll benefit from forward-positioned inventory, no matter where in the world your manufacturing is located. It also means Darcoid will consistently provide the highest level of service in the industry, with our unparalleled quality assurance programs delivering best in class manufacturing support and ensuring you always receive exactly what you’ve specified.

Our Next Level Strategy: A Blueprint for Success.

More Than A Seal. A Bond.
Our tagline isn’t just something a marketer invented. It’s the words we live by.
It means Darcoid strives to form strong and lasting relationships with every one of our customers, that we value those bonds above all else, and that we’re 110% invested in achieving your goals. Each component of our Next Level strategy is intended to encourage a level of integration and collaboration between your business and ours that will ensure mutual success:
  • Quality: We won’t change a thing unless you tell us to.
  • Technical:  We understand the impact seals have on your product's performance and, ultimately, your brand.
  • Fulfillment: Our exceptional logistical resources and ability to rapidly scale up will keep your production lines running smoothly and on schedule. 
  • Strategic Alignment: The best seal in the world doesn’t work if it doesn’t arrive on time, with zero defects, and on budget.
Darcoid's three Next Level Pillars help us keep our word:
  • MY[D]: MY[D] is key to keeping our promises and exceeding your expectations. By staying true to Fit, Form, and Function -- the Law of the 3Fs -- MY[D] allows us to rapidly assess your problem and create custom solutions that will achieve your goals.
  • Engage with an Engineer: Because we place such a high value on our customer relationships, we strive to quickly connect you with the specialists who can help you achieve your goals. H.I. – Human Intelligence or the give and take that transpires between our engineers and your team –makes it possible for Darcoid to get the results that will ensure your success.
  • Global Footprint: A family-owned business with a global reach, Darcoid is small enough to care, yet big enough to help you perform better and reduce warranty risks – no matter where in the world you’re located.
Let Darcoid Take Your Fluid Power Light Mobile Applications to the Next Level!
If your business is ready to take its fluid power light mobile applications to the Next Level, we're confident Darcoid can get you there. 
To say H.I. to our engineering team and learn more about MY[D], simply fill out our Contact Form or give us a call today at (510) 836 – 2449