A seal is inexpensive, unless it fails to arrive when you need it …Wherever in the world you need it.

Our goal:  Simple! To exceed your expectations and strengthen your supply chain.

Our fulfillment and supply chain teams align with your materials planning and procurement team to deploy and manage seal supply programs tailored to how and where your products are built.  You may design, manage quality, and manufacture under the same roof.  You may have a purpose-built factory in a different state to build closer to your customer or to take advantage of lower labor costs in different continents.  Wherever possible we forward position inventory close to where you need it.
infographic showing global map of all Darcoid locations
We have warehouse locations in USA, Europe and Asia. 
If you use a contract manufacturer, we’ll make sure all the quality processes you need are still applied to whoever we ship your seals to.  
No shortcuts, no compromises. 
Our supply chain team works on your behalf to make sure our downstream manufacturing partners and logistics providers are aligned with your demand planning.  We can negotiate and maintain safety stock levels to give you the cushion you need to manage change in forecasts or drop-in demand. 
We regularly reconcile your demand signals with our lead times to make sure you don’t need to worry about your line going down for a ten-cent part. 
We work hard to make things easy for you.  For the personal touch your Customer Experience Representatives are always just a phone call away, but we’ll also be happy to use your portal, import PO’s from pdf’s or align with fully integrated EDI. 
Our transactional alignment runs the gamut from custom labels to VMI programs.