The catalogs are just a starting point… Use Darcoid to shorten your seal design and approval timeline.  Application engineers, polymer experts, and project managers at Darcoid bring many years of seal optimization experience to your application.  Use the following resources to get you most of the way to your specification.  Engage Darcoid expertise to confirm your assumptions and recommend changes to maximize your project’s long term success.

Bring in our team at any stage of the process and accelerate your path to a successful production release.  Past experience shows that engaging with Darcoid as early as possible in your design phase maximizes your chances of achieving the best seal solution.  

If you’re reading this when you’re close to product release and your seals aren’t meeting your expectations we can still help.  We’ll find you a seal solution to get the job done.   

  • O-Ring Failure Modes
  • ASTM Specification (Explanation of how to read an ASTM String)
  • Explanation of Physical Properties used in the Rubber industry
  • Material Shelf life
  • Fluid Compatibility with various compounds
  • Design and installation tips
  • Military fluid and rubber specifications
  • Quick and useful reference Conversion tables