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If your seal supplier’s answer is “Try this, it should work” then we need to talk!

Rather than throw ideas and suggestions at you we can develop, prototype, and test in house at Darcoid. Providing an evidence-based solution to start with. This data driven approach means an end to “throwing darts at the board,” saves you considerable solutions screening time and frees up your test lab to support your core technology.

Wherever possible we will deploy our Test Bench capabilities to help you benchmark the performance of your incumbent seal to give you a data driven performance comparison. We will actuate seals in your hardware, in modified seal glands, in your fluids, and deploy appropriate data acquisition tools to pre-qualify our solution. So, you have higher confidence of success as you budget and allocate your own testing resources.

Seal Monitor Overview

We can test seals in static and dynamic service, in face and radial, rod seal, or piston seal configurations.

We can characterize material test slabs to understand compression set or swell in your fluids and your temperatures, then run the same test on your actual seal profiles to gain a better understanding of the performance to expect in your product.

We have worked collaboratively with customers to isolate performance variables and co-develop test procedures to deliver actionable data. Test Bench isn’t needed every time but if your project timelines, scope, or performance criticality demand it we’re happy to give you some space.

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