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We are the extension of your design and engineering team, the people you can rely on to engineer the best solution to fit your unique application

  • Aerospace / Military

    Aerospace / Military


    The global Aerospace and Defense market equipment that moves today's industry is more reliable and highly engineered than ever before. This equipment uses technologically advanced sealing devices and materials that can keep pace with extremely high temperatures, and high and low pressures with aggressive chemicals.

    We understand the specific needs the Aerospace industry is required to meet and offer a wide range of seals manufactured in a range of compounds that have the necessary industry approvals and ever increasing requirements for certification including - Military Specification MIL, MS, AS9100, AN, MOD, ISO14001, ASTM, SAE.

    With our ISO Certified Quality Department and our experienced Supply Chain team you can count on Darcoid to deliver quality product that meet or exceed the Aerospace industries high performance standards. 

    Electric Magnetic Shielding Products Composite Sealing Products Aerospace Solutions
  • Filtration

    Filtration processes can range from potable water to harsh chemical environments. It is critical to understand those environments and how they affect your seals and their performance. 

    Darcoid has been invested in the Filtration Industry for over 30 years providing full level 3 PPAPS and medical grade certifications. With a deep industry knowledge base and one of the most extensive inventories in the industry, we are able to help optimize your seal performance, quality and cost. 

    The cost of poor quality in your seals is high, that is why we are a resource for you from design through production. Our engineers can work with your group to help solve problems ranging from complex designs to as simple as choosing the correct compound.  We provide rapid prototyping and with our test bench capabilities we ensure through material testing that you are getting the best option for your application. 

    Lathe Cut Gaskets EPDM Molded Shapes Filtration Solutions
  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

    The life science market includes companies with very diverse manufacturing outputs. From biopharma processing to medical devices, we offer products that meet the exacting requirements of both. Darcoid's focus on sealing products and elastomeric components and with knowledge of MRO spares, we can provide the necessary support to your business. We can support from concept to finished medical device or provide products for planned downtime. 

    Products for Medical Device OEM’s

    Individual components can be produced in a wide variety of thermoplastic resins and elastomeric compounds.  Available thermoplastic resins include everything from common plastics (e.g. PVC, ABS) to extreme plastics (e.g. PEEK).  Elastomeric compounds include organic compounds such as EPDM, Nitrile & Viton as well as a variety of silicones.  Depending on the silicone choice, manufacturing processes include compression, injection, transfer, and liquid injection (aka LIM).  Our offering includes materials approved by one or more governing bodies such as UL, FDA Title 21 (Part 177.2600), USP Class VI, USP 87, ISO 10993-5 and ISO10993-10.  Both thermoplastic and elastomeric products can be made homogenously or can incorporate inserts of plastic or metal.

    Products for Pharma Processing

    Our offering includes materials approved by one or more governing bodies such as UL, FDA Title 21 (Part 177.2600), USP Class VI, USP 87, ISO 10993-5 and ISO10993-10.  

    Sanitary & Hygienic Seals Medical Components & Value Added Services Products to support scheduled maintenance Life Sciences Solutions
  • Fluid Power Light Mobile

    Mountain bikes, cross county, downhill, trail, road.  ATV, UTV, Snow mobile, baja truck, or jet ski.  If you’re riding it you’ll need to know you can keep control over the chop and brake reliably whenever you need it.  Professional race-grade high performance suspension and brakes need to do more with less:  more rider sensitivity and control in smaller, lighter packages.

    As these platforms continue to innovate the old generic seal designs move from tried and tested solutions to problems that need improving.  Darcoid gets it.  We specialize in optimizing seals for your demanding high performance brake and suspension requirements.  Smaller package size, lower friction, higher pressures, smokin’ temperatures and tighter tolerances means your faithful old o-ring don’t cut it anymore.

    We combine our industry fluency with material development, profile design chops and best-in-class manufacturing partners to bring you solutions that let your customers ride harder with more control.

    Darcoid understands that designing in the US and manufacturing in Asia has its challenges too.  So we support you during the design/specification and with local inventory to keep your manufacturing operation happy too.  You already know that cutting corners in your supply chain can result in serious warranty and return costs.  We keep a lid on those temptations to stray from the spec with our robust and proven supply chain management.  We measure, monitor, and audit every step of the way. With Darcoid, what you specify in the US gets manufactured to print in low cost regions and is supplied to your factory on time and to budget. 

    Fluid Power Light Mobile Solutions
    Fluid Power Light Mobile