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The Highest Level of Service, Anywhere in the World

And as a pillar of our Next Level® Strategy, Darcoid’s global footprint is key to helping your business meet its objectives. We won’t just manage your company’s complex seal programs; we’ll build value, we’ll ship value, and we’ll enable your success. For 75 years, we’ve leveraged our extensive industry knowledge and exceptional manufacturing partnerships to create custom solutions that get results and ensure our customers’ success. But even the highest quality seals aren't much help if the product isn't where you need it, exactly when you need it. 

From seal assistance and value-added programs to engineered solutions, we’re uniquely qualified to be your choice of seal supplier. With multiple locations around the world - California, Oregon, Texas, the northeastern U.S., the U.K., and Taiwan – we're able to forward position inventory, so it's always located near your plant. The same global footprint also allows Darcoid to consistently and quickly provide customers with the highest level of service in the industry, anywhere in the world. Our unmatched ability to expertly manage your seal supply chains truly distinguishes us from the competition. At the same time, our unparalleled quality assurance programs guarantee best in class manufacturing support and ensure you’ll always receive exactly the product you’ve specified.

The Highest Quality, for the Best Value

No matter your industry, a back-ordered part, poor-quality product, or the wrong compound for the job is bad for business. As part of our total commitment to customer service and innovative solutions, Darcoid offers multiple programs to satisfy even the most demanding OEMs, including:

  • Certified supplier 
  • Inventory management 
  • Subcomponent procurement and assembly 
  • Rapid prototyping 
  • Continuous improvement

Our global presence has also allowed Darcoid to form long-standing and reliable relationships with the best domestic and international manufacturers worldwide. Those relationships make it possible to commit to ZERO defects and guarantee the right manufacturing method for your part, based on your volume, design, and application. Finally, our formidable buying power facilitates effective negotiations with all of our manufacturing partners, ensuring your business will always benefit from the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

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Darcoid: Your End-to-End-Solutions Partner

Darcoid strives to be more than just a seal provider. We’re committed to serving as an end-to-end-solutions partner for each and every one of our customers. We’ll be acting as one with your team, endeavoring to build a lasting partnership that ensures your company benefits from the very best sealing solutions for long-term success. That means working with your engineers to:

  • Improve seal wear / lifetime
  • Reduce running friction, breakout friction 
  • Accommodate higher / lower operating temperature and pressure
  • Reduce assembly weight
  • Reduce number of system components (BOM count)
  • Design for manufacturability

More than a Seal. A Bond.

Trust us when we say our tagline is no mere slogan. It’s a constant reminder of the commitment to quality service and care you'll always receive from Darcoid. Let Us Take Your Business to the Next Level®

  We’re confident Darcoid’s global footprint can help take your business to the Next Level®, no matter your industry or market:

From creating new solutions and embracing challenges to streamlining and assuring dependable delivery of your sealing needs, you can always count on Darcoid to build preeminent seal solutions with lasting results.

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To put our technical expertise and global footprint to work for you.