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Compression molded seals in two weeks

LSR molded parts in 4-6 weeks, and cut elastomer, plastics and foams/sponges in hours or days. Stock seals ship same day. Back in the day… fast prototyping of compression molded elastomer components traditionally yielded a “soft” tooled solution running parts within 2-5 weeks. In the real world you had to be a customer with a BIG established spend to be able to routinely count on this kind of fast response. If you weren’t an established top tier customer the next option would be to pay your way to the front of the line. Cha-ching, cha-ching!

Soft tooling is typically only good for 50-200 parts before falling out of tolerance.

With our extensive network of specialty molding operations, we can turn your print into parts in less than 2 weeks. But to be conservative we’ll quote you a 3-week turnaround and expect to beat it. And the tooling will be production ready, hard steel. So when you’re ready to start ramping, we are ready to support that.

We have short prototyping lead times for other manufacturing methods as well. Machined urethane fluid power seals, injection molded urethanes, LIM Silicones, die stamped, splice joined from cord or extrusion, digitally cut plastics, elastomers, and laminates.

2024 Supply Chain Disruption Caveat

We’re able to hit these lead times for fast turn prototypes, but we aren’t guaranteeing results in today’s environment of less reliable freight, and varying instances of steel supply and raw material constraints.

Contact Darcoid to consult with a program manager – we have preset pricing based on seal type, size range, and compound so all you need to do is send us your digital design file and a purchase order and we’re off to the races!