Biodiesel and Automotive with Darcoid

Darcoid works with the worlds leading companies utilizing biodiesel technology and development. Our solutions are specifically designed to handle today’s tough cold weather and Biodiesel fuel system problems. Our custom seal technology solutions are designed to handle any application your team needs and the challenges you are up against.

Biodiesel is a renewable and clean-burning fuel manufactured from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease for use in heavy-duty trucks and other diesel-powered vehicles.

While there's no doubt biodiesel is an environmentally friendly alternative to its traditional counterpart, it’s also highly demanding. Motor vehicle engines running on these fuels must be equipped with biodiesel-rated components -- including specialized seals and filtration systems -- to prevent clogging, leaking, and other gross failures.

Darcoid recognizes that the costs of poor quality (COPQ) in biodiesel applications are extremely high, and we maintain the highest-level quality controls and material validation work to ensure zero defects on your production line.

The Challenges in Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel product produced by the chemical refinement of vegetable oils into fatty acid methyl esters. The challenges that arise from working with biodiesel can be complex and require extra attention dealing with variable of heat, filtration and other specific modifications needed to burn the fuel in diesel engines. 

Our team brings an extra layer of expertise to your projects. We tackle issues of fuel buildup and coatings that commonly occur with lesser quality seals. Additionally, biodiesel can adversely effect rubber compounds which require a special solution that we can provide. 

Darcoid works closely with our partners to thoroughly test the seals and gaskets needed for your project to prevent swelling and perform optimally.

Custom-Engineered Biodiesel Solutions 

Because of constant advances in technological innovation, the biodiesel and automotive markets are continually searching for superior seals and filtration systems. Darcoid has been providing high-quality, custom-engineered solutions for customers across these industries for more than 40 years.

Have your current manufactured components failed to perform to optimal standards? Our engineers will work with your team to determine functional needs and conduct redesigns or updates to your exact design specifications.

Or maybe you are embarking on an entirely new program? Our in-house engineering team will support your design and specification processes AND conduct testing to ensure material validation -- enabling you to launch without fear.

Consistency of Quality, Delivery, and Responsiveness

Because OEM program management is in our DNA, your business can count on Darcoid to deliver consistency of quality, delivery, and responsiveness.

We will work with your engineers and purchasing staff to understand your application’s specific manufacturing needs, allowing us to formulate cost-effective and short lead-time solutions that support your production requirements. Our nimble in-house manufacturing team uses only premium engineered polymers and high-precision digital cutting, guaranteeing our kits and assemblies can withstand the wide temperature ranges, pressure extremes, and aggressive chemical exposures typical of biodiesel applications.

Whether you are looking for an O-ring, gasket, composite seals, lathe cuts, or elastomeric shapes, we can get you prototypes and test your design to ensure your application’s optimal performance.

Our unrivaled quality control systems allow Darcoid to deliver meticulously precise, perfectly fitting seals every single time. And our extensive global distribution capabilities ensure inventory is always positioned near your plant and ready to ship when needed.

Our Next Level Strategy: 3 Pillars to Ensure Your Success

At Darcoid, we live up to our tagline: More Than A Seal. A Bond.

It's not just marketing jargon. It means we're 110% invested in our customers' success and aim to form lasting relationships with each and every one. It also means we value these relationships above all else.

Each of the components central to Darcoid’s Next Level strategy facilitates the integration and collaboration needed to drive our mutual success:

  • Quality: We won’t change anything unless you tell us to.
  • Technical:  We understand the impact seals have on your product's performance and, ultimately, your brand.
  • Fulfillment: We have the logistical prowess to keep your lines running on schedule. 
  • Strategic Alignment: The best seal in the world doesn’t work if it doesn’t arrive on time, with zero defects, and on budget.

To ensure we consistently meet these high standards, Next Level stands on three crucial pillars:

  • MY[D]: MY[D] is key to keeping our promises and exceeding our customer’s expectations. With an emphasis on Fit, Form, and Function -- the Law of the 3Fs -- MY[D] allows us to rapidly assess your problem and create custom solutions that will get the results you need to succeed.
  • Engage with an Engineer: Because we place such a high value on our customer relationships, we strive to quickly connect you with the specialists who can help you achieve your goals. H.I. – Human Intelligence or the give and take that transpires between our engineers and your team –ensures your success.
  • Global Footprint: Darcoid is a family-owned business with a global reach. That means we’re small enough to care, yet big enough to help you perform better and reduce warranty risks – no matter where in the world you’re located.

Let Darcoid Take Your Biodiesel and Automotive Applications to the Next Level!

If your business is ready to take its biodiesel and automotive applications to the Next Level, we’re confident Darcoid can get you there. 

To say H.I. to our engineering team and learn more about MY[D], simply fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (510) 836 – 2449.