Our Company

More Than A Seal. A Bond.

Our seals help make those the best working products in the world. The fastest moving, the deepest diving, the longest lasting, the farthest driving, the most winning and the most dependable.
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Founded more than 60 years ago, Darcoid is a small privately held company with a global footprint. Our core focus is on seal products and building and maintaining efficient seal supply programs supporting OEM manufacturers in the USA and around the world. 

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We manufacture gaskets and spliced o-rings, assemble point of use kits, and distribute seals manufactured by best-in-class specialists in 3 continents.  Our facilities contain technical centers of excellence and fast-turn prototyping tools.   

Darcoid is Parker Hannifin’s longest serving distribution partner.  Customers leverage those long-developed relationships to pull the maximum value from Parker EMG (Seal Group) which includes Parker O-Ring Division

We maintain a strong portfolio of independent manufacturing partners giving you access to seal technologies and supply programs suited to every combination of commercial consideration, volumes, and seal performance criticality.

A seal is inexpensive unless it fails ..to improve your product or your brand 

At Darcoid we recognize one simple truth: The performance of your product is directly related to the quality and reliability of the seal. 

Our vision is simple:  To be your best strategic supplier. 


Darcoid’s success over the years has been marked by the caliber of our customers. Customers whose products are making the world a better place, who are striving to be the best in their field, or who are creating entirely new to world technologies.   

Our goal is to provide the best seal for your application, predictably supplied with zero defects, when you need it wherever in the world you need it, and in doing so build a partnership that can be managed, because it is measured. 

What gets us out of bed in the mornings?  It’s ambition, purpose and core values 

We are small enough to care yet big enough to deliver and make a difference 


Our Why: 

To create a bond 
We know there is a better way to do it 
To be your trusted partner 
To know we will do it the right way 


Culture: family is a feeling; we operate with core values of integrity, honesty, and respect. 

We have CanAttude:  CanAttude is Attitude + Effort.  

From creating solutions and embracing challenges to streamlining and assuring dependable delivery of your sealing needs.


Your Partners

  • Bob Loback

    Bob Loback


    Our CEO, Bob, believes that the person is number one. His “Why” is Trust with Integrity and Respect. He expects us to embody “CanAttude”, his phrase for someone with an awesome attitude and effort. He sets the tone for all of us and pushes us to be our very best.

  • photo of Alex Loback president in front of dry erase board

    Alex Loback


    In her role as President, Alex ensures that we are successful and in alignment with our ambition and core purpose. Internally, she is referred to as the Chief Cultural Officer and makes sure that we have fun and are each showing up for ourselves.

  • photo of Bill Sharratt Senior Vice President of Darcoid

    Bill Sharratt

    Senior VP Business Development

    Bill joined the Darcoid team nine years ago and loves that he is still learning every day. He has created the vision for and implemented the buildout of our unique technical capabilities. He finds it rewarding to see a new product or discovery made possible by our seals. You’ll find Bill spending his free time volunteering, hiking and backpacking with his family, spending time with his two dogs, or ignoring his two cats.

  • Nand Patel

    Nand Patel

    Director of New Business and Product Development

    In his 18th year at Darcoid, Nand focuses on bringing new-to-market products, capabilities, and materials to our customers as their sealing needs become increasingly technical. He is proud to have established and developed trusting relationships with our customers and manufacturing partners. Nand’s hobbies include reading about new developments in finance and technology and watching sports.

  • photo of Patrick McMahon Director Operations and Process Innovation

    Patrick McMahon

    Director Operations and Process Innovation

    Patrick has been with Darcoid for 11 years, focusing on Supply Chain, Fulfillment, and IT. His current focus is identifying technology, pushing process improvement and developing people to make Darcoid processes best in industry. He is driven to allow employees to free themselves from repetitive tasks and instead engage internally and with our customers and suppliers, building lasting relationships. Outside of the office, Patrick spends his time with his young son, working on his house and watching sports.

  • Yamita Anderson

    Yamita Anderson

    Customer Success Manager

    Yamita has been working with our customers and providing them a high-level customer experience for over 21 years. Her favorite aspect of her position is the always positive feedback she receives from customers. In her free time, Yamita can be found barbequing or playing board games with her family.

  • photo of Fanny Newton Darcoid Customer Service

    Fanny Newton

    Customer Success, Business Support Asia

    Fanny has been building bridges between Darcoid and our customers for two years. She has connected Darcoid’s customer service and quality teams with suppliers in Asia, getting more insight into our partners’ feedback in real time and in the same language. In her free time, Fanny enjoys practicing nail art, watching Korean shows, hiking, baking sweets, crafting, and knitting.

  • photo of Nick Huntington Senior Application Engineer

    Nick Huntington

    Senior Application Engineer

    Nick has been with Darcoid for two years, and one of his favorite parts of his role is seeing new applications and meeting customers working on interesting projects. He has built up our test bench to expand its capabilities. When he isn’t providing engineered solutions, Nick enjoys working on cars, camping, backpacking, tending to his flock of 8 chickens, and chasing his 3-year-old around.

  • photo of Linda Pham Accounting Manager

    Linda Pham

    Accounting Manager

    Linda has been with us at Darcoid for 19 years. She enjoys working with data and partners to provide informed solutions for customers. She has developed and implemented systems to streamline internal controls. During her free time, Linda enjoys watching stocks and shopping online. 

  • photo of Will Carter Operations Manager

    Will Carter

    Operations Manager

    Will has been working with us for 13 years. He likes how positive his team is, with everyday interactions in the warehouse always being upbeat. Will has contributed to setting up distribution centers around the world, aiming to get our product closer to our customers. You’ll often find him making music with his two very entertaining daughters in his free time.

  • photo of John Kraska Quality Manager

    John Kraska

    Quality Manager

    John has been with Darcoid for two and a half years and enjoys being directly involved in and improving the delivery of our customer’s products. A major aspect of his day-to-day duties is the challenge of identifying shortcomings of a project and how they can be improved. When he’s not in the office, John likes to find new restaurants around the Bay Area and travel with his wife.

  • photo of Jason Hainer Sales Engineer

    Jason Hainer

    Sales Engineer

    Jason has been with us for seven years and likes the wide variety of projects and customers we work with. Developing into this position from an application engineering role has been a very rewarding challenge. Jason loves working on bike projects, as he is an avid mountain biker. He also likes snowboarding, backpacking, snowmobiling, playing ice hockey, and gardening.

  • photo of Max Fried Application Engineer

    Max Fried

    Applications Engineering Manager

    Max brings 15 years of electro-mechanical engineering, engineering management and business management experience in multiple industries to his new role as the applications engineering manager at Darcoid.  He is excited to help continue developing Darcoid’s internal and external systems and processes, in order to best meet our customer’s needs.  In his free time, Max can be found rock climbing, skiing, running and dancing with his wife and dog.

  • photo of Kevin Letterman Application Engineer

    Kevin Letterman

    Application Engineer

    Kevin has been driving results four our customers and our team for three years. He’s helped build up many of our engineering processes and technical capabilities to a whole new level. Kevin enjoys learning new things, powerlifting, and working on cars in his free time.

  • photo of Bill Killian Account Manager

    Bill Killian

    Account Manager

    Bill has been a part of the Darcoid team for seven years. He has worked in the seal industry almost his entire career. Prior to joining Darcoid, he also ran his own Parker Distributorship for twenty years. He enjoys addressing challenging sealing opportunities across the southern United States and Mexico. Outside of work, Bill enjoys outdoor activities and sporting events, especially college football and baseball.

  • photo of Tillman King Account Manager

    Tillman King

    Account Manager

    Tillman has been in the seal business for 25 years and enjoys helping customers develop robust sealing solutions that provide them with a competitive advantage. He especially enjoys delivering significant performance improvements for challenging applications. Tillman can be found traveling, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and backing with his family in his free time.

  • photo of Miles Martin Account Manager

    Miles Martin

    Account Manager

    Miles has enjoyed using his problem-solving skills and engaging with people for six years at Darcoid. He has helped develop new-to-market sealing solutions to increase customer profitability. You’ll find Miles exercising, fly fishing, spending time with family, and serving his community in his free time.

  • photo of Kristie Hodson Customer Service

    Kristie Hodson

    Customer Service

    Kristie is beginning her ninth year at Darcoid. In her position, she enjoys talking and developing relationships with customers and helping to problem solve. She is always using skills in sales order support, scheduling, pricing, and account development to ensure a good customer experience. Kristie spends her free time hiking, boogie boarding at the beach, playing pickleball, and listening to live music.

  • photo of Steve Barton Outside Sales

    Steve Barton

    Outside Sales

    Steve has been with Darcoid for over 16 years.  He brings thirty years of experience in Manufacturing and Process Engineering. He thrives in product development, evaluation, compliance resolution, processes, troubleshooting, and problem solving. Steve enjoys building relationships with the customers and suppliers.  In his spare time, he enjoys kayaking, fishing, going to the beach and time with his grandchildren.

  • photo of Josh Saulsbury Business Development Manager

    Josh Saulsbury

    Business Development Manager

    Josh’s career at Darcoid spans 11 years. He provides engineered sealing solutions to OEM customers across a variety of industries, and specializes in life science, aerospace, and general industrial markets. He enjoys helping resolve challenges with supply chain, performance, and compliance. Josh loves scuba diving, camping, golfing, and playing guitar.

  • photo of Rob Domgaard Sourcing Manager

    Rob Domgard

    Sourcing Manager

    Rob has been working inside sales at Darcoid for nine years. He enjoys winning new business and has streamlined the quote and NPI process by implementing an efficient system. Rob spends his free time reading fiction, watching football and basketball, and running.

  • photo of Sal Aversa Sales Operations, Market Development, and Business Analyst

    Sal Aversa

    Sales Operations

    Sal has been with the company for three years. He sees tangible improvements in customer experience while implementing internal changes. Sal has provided us with numerous tools that hold us accountable to achieving our goals for our customers. He enjoys spending time with his family and going to the beach and SF Giants games.

  • photo of Jennifer Concuzza Customer Service

    Jennifer Concuzza

    Customer Service

    Jennifer has been with Darcoid for about three years, and loves being able to help all the customers she works with. She helps maintain customer relationships and OTD with our Next Level customers. In her free time, Jennifer loves watching and analyzing new movies with her husband and creating new memories with her son.

  • photo of Keith Fulan Buyer/Planner

    Keith Fulan


    For three years, Keith has enjoyed the challenge of a variety of tasks within his role. Keith has worked alongside operations and supply chain teams to set up Darcoid’s distribution centers in Kearney and Memphis. He has managed to keep our supply chain running smoothly in the face of dramatic demand fluctuations throughout the pandemic. In his free time, Keith goes mountain biking, frequents the gym, and plays video games.

  • photo of Stephanie Drybread NPI Lead

    Stephanie Drybread

    NPI Lead

    Stephanie has been working at Darcoid for close to a year but has worked with Darcoid for 16 years from a customer perspective. Her favorite aspect of her role is the people she works with. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Stephanie exploring the US or riding on the back of her Harley Davidson.

  • photo of Jeff Shelton Buyer

    Jeff Shelton


    Jeff has been with us for under a year and makes sure the right parts get to the right place at the right time. He enjoys tackling the constant challenge of getting his team the parts they need. He’s proud to be able to say he has survived such an unpredictable time for supply chain. Outside of work, Jeff works on his e-commerce store, running, and listening to music.

  • photo of Tara Rider Customer Service

    Tara Rider

    Customer Service

    Tara recently joined the Darcoid team. She really enjoys the people as they make her feel right at home. On the weekends she enjoys spending time with her kids and taking time for herself to ride her Harley Davidson.