Bioscience Filtration

Bioscience Filtration with Darcoid

Darcoid offers a wide range of innovative and cost-effective water filtration solutions appropriate for bioscience filtration applications in the biopharma and food and beverage industries, including normal flow filtration, microfiltration, tangential flow filtration, sterile air filtration, and bioreactor maintenance, metering, and dispensing. Our customers include pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical process equipment OEMs, as well as players in the dairy, brewing, wine, and bottled water industries. Our exceptionally diverse product range can be integrated into customized, perfect-fit solutions that are guaranteed to meet your process's specific needs. And because we recognize the costs of poor quality (COPQ) are extremely high in bioscience filtration applications, Darcoid is committed to maintaining the highest-level quality control and material validation to ensure zero defects on your production line.

Custom-Engineered Solutions for Biopharma

If you’re in biopharma, you already know that production failures can be catastrophic for your bottom line. There’s simply no room for error any time you’re incorporating new products into the processing lines on your manufacturing floor. You’ve got to get it right the first time.
Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer or pharmaceutical process equipment OEM, Darcoid will work closely with your engineering, maintenance, and purchasing teams to understand your exact needs and formulate customized, short lead-time solutions that will ensure your success.
 Our extensive biopharma experience, dimensional control prowess, and unparalleled manufacturing partnerships allow Darcoid to identify deficiencies on your production lines and quickly provide superior filtration components made from high-end FDA compliant materials able to withstand aggressive chemical exposures without breaking down.By helping to improve the reliability of your products and reduce down-time on your lines, your partnership with Darcoid will allow your business to see immediate improvements in both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Custom-Engineered Food and Beverage Solutions

Perfect-fit filtration solutions ensure the production and packaging of perishable foods are always sterile, reducing the risk of contamination and spoilage and allowing finished products to reach customers with the exact desired flavor. Bottled water, wine, and brewed beers need filtration with the power to extend shelf life, increase visual clarity, and preserve taste.
Darcoid has been providing custom-engineered water filtration solutions for food and beverage clients for over 40 years. From food-grade rubber seals to food-safe O-rings, our tremendous buying power and global footprint allow Darcoid to economically source an extensive range of industry-standard seal and filtration components at a fraction of the lead time -- and pass the cost savings on to your business.
And thanks to our extensive worldwide distribution capabilities, Darcoid will even manage your inventory to effectively simplify and lower the costs associated with your storage and stock-handing efforts.

Consistency of Quality, Delivery, and Responsiveness

Because OEM program management is in our DNA, your business can count on Darcoid to deliver consistency of quality, delivery, and responsiveness.
We will work with your engineers and purchasing staff to understand your application’s specific manufacturing needs, allowing us to formulate cost-effective and short lead-time solutions that support your production requirements. Our nimble in-house manufacturing team uses only premium engineered polymers and high-precision digital cutting, guaranteeing our kits and assemblies meet your projects application needs. Whether you are looking for an O-ring, flange gasket, composite seals, lathe cuts, or elastomeric shapes, we can get you prototypes and test your design to ensure your application’s optimal performance. Our unrivaled quality control systems allow Darcoid to deliver meticulously precise, perfectly fitting seals every single time. And our extensive global distribution capabilities ensure inventory is always positioned near your plant and ready to ship when needed.

Our Next Level Strategy: 3 Pillars to Ensure Your Success

At Darcoid, living up to our tagline -- More Than A Seal. A Bond. – is our number one mission.
When you partner with us, you're more than a customer. Our Next Level strategy means we're 110% invested in your success and aiming to build a lasting relationship that goes well beyond typical customer-supplier ties. Each component of this unique strategy is intended to facilitate the high level of integration and collaboration needed to ensure our mutual success:
Quality: We NEVER change anything unless you tell us to.
Technical:  We understand the importance of water filtration to product performance and, ultimately, your brand.
Fulfillment: We possess the logistical capabilities to rapidly scale up and keep your lines running on schedule. 
Strategic Alignment: Even the best filtration solutions aren’t much good if they fail to arrive on time, with zero defects, and on budget.
Our three Next Level Pillars ensure that Darcoid always lives up to the high standards we've set for ourselves.
MY[D]: MY[D] isn't just key to keeping our promise to you; it also ensures we consistently meet and exceed your expectations. By focusing on Fit, Form, and Function -- the Law of the 3Fs -- MY[D] allows our engineers to evaluate your current processes and tailor solutions to your specific needs and goals.
Engage with an Engineer: Because we place such a high value on our customer bond, we strive to quickly connect you with the specialists who can solve your problems. H.I. – Human Intelligence, or the collaboration between our engineers and your team – makes it possible for Darcoid to get the results that will ensure your success.
Global Footprint: As a family-owned business with a global reach, Darcoid is both small enough to care and big enough to help you perform better and reduce warranty risks – no matter where in the world you’re located.
Let Darcoid Take Your Bioscience Filtration Applications to the Next Level!If your business is ready to take bioscience filtration to the Next Level, we’re confident Darcoid can get your processes where they need to be.To say H.I. to our engineering team and learn more about MY[D], please fill out our Contact Form or give us a call today at (510) 836 – 2449.