Engage with an Engineer

Engage with an Engineer: Saying H.I.!

More than a Seal. A Bond. That’s not just a tag-line.  It’s how Darcoid does business every single day. As an industry leader in seal distribution, we look to build strong and lasting relationships with every one of our customers. The resulting partnership is key to ensuring we always provide the best tech for your needs. Because we value the relationships forged with our partners, we’ve made Human Intelligence – H.I. – a key pillar of our Next Level strategy.

Human Intelligence: Interaction to Drive Success.

We get that the capacity to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of others is invaluable to any business. We also know that for our customers, one-size-fits-all solutions just aren’t going to cut it. There’s no doubt that we can tech your pants off. But, Darcoid believes interaction and collaboration matter just as much as technical prowess when it comes to driving success. That's why we strive to quickly connect all of our partners with specialists who can help them achieve their goals, whatever they might be. H.I. – the give and take that occurs between our engineers and your team – is the "X-Factor" that makes it possible for Darcoid to get the results that will ensure your success.At Darcoid, We Believe in the Power of H.I..

Why is Darcoid such a big believer in the power of H.I.?

To put it simply, we care about the seals that are critical to your business. The better we understand your needs, the better we can respond with quality products that are competitively priced, delivered on time and on budget. Whether you're trying to meet strict regulatory requirements, pushing to keep a non-negotiable timeline, or looking for a quick-fix to restore customer confidence, our engineers will work directly with your team to anticipate your needs, ask the right questions, and identify the material, design, type and class of seal, and sourcing options that will deliver optimal results.
No software program on earth knows how to build – and sustain – the close relationships Darcoid enjoys with its customers. Our commitment to H.I. is what makes those partnerships – and your success -- possible.

We Only Succeed When You Succeed

It might sound hokey, but at Darcoid, we really do live and breathe seals. That's because we value our customers as partners and understand just how crucial the right seals are to their success – and ours. You can count on us to deliver value-added programs that easily integrate into your processes, as well as quality assurance programs that guarantee finished products always meet specifications. And because Darcoid maintains distribution centers around the world -- California, Oregon, Texas, the northeastern U.S., the UK, and Taiwan – you can rest assured that your inventory will always be in close proximity to your plant. Our experience optimizing seal program performance, quality, and cost for OEM sets us apart from the rest. By relying on Darcoid to source and manage your seal supply chain, you’re freeing yourself to focus on your business.

Strong Relationships Backed up By Strong Values

When you partner with Darcoid, you’re partnering with a family-owned business that has been focused on customer success for more than 65 years. Along with high-quality seals and gaskets, we strive every day to provide our partners with a level of dependability, state-of-the-art service, and excellence that exceeds even their most optimistic expectations.  We succeed in this mission by remaining true to our core values:

  • Balance, belief that self, family, and faith are #1
  • Respect employees and develop them
  • Treat employees fairly and challenge them to achieve
  • All have shared responsibility to others and the company
  • A commitment to zero defects, reject prevention, and innovation
  • Leadership develops both people and processes
  • Culture facilitates continuous improvement
  • Listen and respond to customers’ needs
  • Close and lasting partnerships with suppliers
We’re seal focused, technically strong, with superior quality systems supporting OE’s in several markets.  From creating new solutions and embracing challenges to streamlining and assuring dependable delivery of your sealing needs, you can always count on Darcoid to build preeminent seal solutions with lasting results.
Say H.I. to Our Engineers and Take Your Business to the Next Level! Once you’ve worked with Darcoid we’re confident you’ll leave thinking: “Wow, that experience was Next Level!”
If you’re ready to put the power of H.I. to work for your business, please fill out our Contact Form, or give us a call at (510) 836 – 2449 to connect with one of our expert engineers today.