General Industrial

General Industrial with Darcoid

Darcoid is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions with a recognized reputation for strategic relationship with its customers. Our range of products includes O-Rings, rotary shaft seals, oil seals, hydraulic seals, static seals, pneumatic seals, mechanical face seals and many more.
From cylinders, actuators, and valves to farm equipment, drilling/mining machinery, and everything in between, Darcoid produces high-quality seals for a wide range of general industrial applications. No matter your needs, our engineers will partner with your design team to understand your specific requirements and formulate cost-effective, short lead-time solutions that will help drive your success.
And because Darcoid recognizes the costs of poor quality (COPQ) are incredibly high in any industrial application, we maintain the highest-level quality controls and material validation work to ensure zero defects and prevent gross failures that could decimate your bottom line.

Custom-Engineered Solutions, No Matter Your Industry

Don’t scrap it! Darcoid can help make the ideal seal to fit you and your application.
It happens all the time. Engineers and product designers come to us asking for help.
“We have a finalized design on our product and we are hoping to move towards production,” they say. “We have this much room for a seal. What do you think will work?" 
No matter what you’re working on -- wearables, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, irrigation lines, general manufacturing, recreation – Darcoid is always ready to assist. By integrating early in your design concepts, we’re able to recommend perfect-fit solutions that complement your design look and feel without impeding form or function. The last thing we want is for your product to be subject to a defective mating part!
From 3-D engineering design to quick prototypes and late-stage design changes, we’ll work with your team to understand your application’s specific needs end ensure the final result meets your exact design specifications. Whether you’re looking for O-rings, seals, custom shapes, or custom molded shapes, our experienced and agile in-house manufacturing team uses only premium engineered polymers and high-precision digital cutting to ensure optimal performance. Our offerings encompass materials certified by one or more listings organizations, including USPVI, UL, NSF, and API.
Darcoid’s sizeable global footprint – we have distribution centers in California, Oregon, Texas, the northeastern U.S., the U.K., and Taiwan – allows us to economically speed the sourcing of a wide array of industry-standard seals and forward-position your inventory near your plant. So your product always arrives precisely when needed.
We consistently provide our customers with the highest level of service in the industry, while our unparalleled quality assurance programs guarantee best in class manufacturing support and ensure you’ll always receive exactly what you’ve specified.

Local Service Feel, Global Manufacturing Capabilities

Working with Darcoid means your project gets the dedication and experts it deserves to perform at the highest industry levels. As a family-owned business, our focus is on giving you the best possible solutions with the highest forms of transparency and accountability you deserve. 
For over 65 years, Darcoid has developed a global manufacturing footprint that spans across North America, Europe and Asia, allowing us to meet any customer requirements on a universal level.
Our Next Level Strategy: A 3-Pillar Plan for Your Success. More Than A Seal. A Bond.
We know. It sounds like something a slick marketing firm came up with. But our tagline truly represents what Darcoid stands for. It means we strive to form strong and lasting relationships with all of our customers, and we value those bonds above all else. 
Bottom line? You can trust that Darcoid to be 110% invested in achieving your goals.
To encourage effective integration and collaboration between our engineers and your team, Darcoid has implemented our innovative Next Level strategy:
  • Quality: We won’t change anything unless you tell us to.
  • Technical:  We understand the impact seals have on your product's performance and, ultimately, your brand.
  • Fulfillment: We have the logistical resources and scaling capability to keep your lines running on schedule. 
  • Strategic Alignment: We’ll make sure your seals arrive on time, with zero defects, and on budget.
Next Level stands on three crucial pillars, each conceived to ensure our mutual success:
  • MY[D]: MY[D] relies on Fit, Form, and Function -- the Law of the 3Fs – so we can rapidly assess your problem and create custom solutions that will drive your success.
  • Engage with an Engineer: As your design partner, we’ll quickly connect you with specialists who can help you achieve your goals. H.I. – Human Intelligence or the give and take that transpires between our engineers and your team – makes it possible for Darcoid to get the results that will drive your success.
  • Global Footprint: Darcoid is a family-owned business with a global reach. That means we’re small enough to care, yet big enough to help you perform better and reduce warranty risks – no matter where in the world you’re located.
Let Darcoid Take General Industrial Applications to the Next Level! If your business is ready to take its general industrial applications to the Next Level, we’re confident Darcoid can get you there. To say H.I. to our engineering team and learn more about MY[D], simply fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (510) 836 – 2449.