Military Fluid Specifications

 Military Fluid Specifi cation Description
 MIL-L- 2104  N0304-75  Oil, Engine
 MlL-S- 3136  N0602-70  Standard Test Fluids, Hydrocarbon
 MlL-L- 3150  N0304-75  Oil, Preservative
 MlL-G-3278  LM159-70  Aircraft Grease
 MlL-O-3503  N0304-75  Oil, Preservative
 MlL-G-3545  N0304-75  Hi-Temperature Grease
 MIL-G-4339  N0304-75  Soluble Oil
 MIL-G-4343  N0304-75  Pneumatic System Grease
 MIL-J-5161  N0602-70  Jet Fuel, Referee
 MIL-F-5566  E1267-80  Isopropyl Alcohol
 MIL-G-5572  N0602-70  Fuel, Aircraft Reciprocating Engine,
 Grades 80/87 91/96, 100/130,115/145 Aviation Gas
 MlL-H-5606  1* (see below)  Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum Base,
 Aircraft and Ordnance 
 MlL-T-5624  N0602-70  Jet Fuel JP-4, JP-5
 MlL-L-6081  N0304-75  Jet Engine Oil
 MlL-L-6082  N0304-75  Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Reciprocating Piston Engine
 MlL-H-6083  N0304-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Preservative
 MlL-L-6085  V1164-75  Synthetic Di-ester Base Fluid
 MlL-A-6091  E1267-80  Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
 MlL-L-6387  V1164-74  Synthetic Di-ester Base Lubricating Oil
 MlL-C-7024  N0602-70  Aircraft Calibrating Fluid
 MlL-H-7083   E1267-80  Hydraulic Fluid, Hydrolube
 MlL-G-7118  N0304-75  Actuator Grease
 MlL-G-7187  N0304-75  Grease, Graphite
 MLO-7277  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum Base, Hi-Temp.
 MlL-G-7421  LM159-70  Grease, Extreme Low Temp.
 MLO-7557  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum Base, Hi-Temp.
 MlL-G-7711  N0304-75  Grease, General Purpose
 MlL-L-7808  V1164-75  Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine,
 Synthetic Di-ester Base
 MlL-L-7870  N0304-75  Lubricating Oil, Low Temperature, General Purpose
 MlL-C-8188  V1164-75  Corrosion Preventive Oil, Syn. Base
 MLO-8200  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Aircraft and Missile,
 Silicate- ester Base
 MlL-H-8446  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Silicate-ester Base  (MLO-8515)
 MLO-8515  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Silicate-ester Base (MlL-H-8446)
 MlL-L-9000  N0304-75  Lubricating Oil, Diesel 
 MlL-L-9236  V1164-75  Synthetic Lubricating Oil, Turbine
 MlL-E-8500  E1267-80  Ethylene Glycol, Technical, Uninhibited
 MIL-G-10924  N0304-75  Automotive Grease
 MIL-H-13910  E1267-80  Hydraulic Fluid, Non-petroleum Automotive Brake
 MIL-L-15017  N0304-75  Oil, Hydraulic
 MIL-G-15793  N0304-75  Grease, Instrument
 MIL-F-16884  N0304-75  Fuel Oil, Diesel, Marine
 MlL-F-17111  N0304-75  Power Transmission Fluid
 MlL-L-17331  V1164-75  Lubricating Oil, Non-corrosive, Steam Turbine
 MlL-H-19457  E1267-80  Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (phosphate-ester base)
 MlL-L-21260  N0304-75  Lubricating Oil, Engine,Preservative
 MlL-S-21568  E1267-80  Silicone Fluid, DimethylPolysiloxane
 MlL-H-22251  E1267-80  Hydrazine Solution, 22%
 MlL-L-23699  V1164-75  Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine,
 Synthetic Base
 MlL-G-23827  N0602-70  Grease, Aircraft and Instrument
 MlL-G-25013  V1164-75  Bearing Grease, Extreme High Temperature
 MlL-G-25537  N0304-75  Aircraft, Helicopter Oscillating Bearing Grease
 MIL-F-25558  N0602-70  Fuel, Ram Jet (RJ1)
 MlL-C-25576  N0602-70  Rocket and Ram Jet Fuel (RP1)
 MlL-F-25656  N0602-70  Jet Fuel, Grade JP6
 MlL-L-25681  V1164-75  Oil, Moly Disulphide, Silicone Base, High Temperature
 MlL-G-25760  V1164-75  Bearing Grease, Wide Temp. Range
 MlL-P-27402    Propellent Aerozine-50
 MlL-H-27601  V1164-75  Hydraulic Fluid, Petroleum Base, High Temperature,
 Flight Vehicle
 MlL-L-46167  N0304-75  Lubricating Oil, Internal Combustion Engine, Arctic
 MIl-H-46170  2*(see below)  Hydraulic Fluid, Rust Inhibited, Fire Resistant,
 MIL-F-81912  V1164-75  Fuel, Expendable, Turbine Engine
 MlL-F-82522  N0602-70  Fuel, Ramjet Engine, T-H Dimer Grade RJ-4
 MIL-T-83133  47- 071  Turbine Fuel, Aviation, Kerosene Type, Grade JP-8
 MIL-H-83282 2*(see below)  Hydraulic Fluid, Fire Resistant,
 Synthetic Hydrocarbon Base, Aircraft
 MIL-H-87257  2*(see below)  Hydraulic Fluid, Fire Resistant,
 Synthetic Hydrocarbon Base, Aircraft, Low Temperature

1*   -48°C to +113°C (-55°F to +235°F), cpd. N0304-75
       -54°C to +135°C (-65°F to +275°F), cpd. N0756-75

2*  - 26°C to +204°C (-15°F to +400°F), cpd. V1164-75
      -29°C to +135°C (-20°F to +275°F), cpd. N0951-75
      -54°C to +135°C (-65°F to +275°F), cpd. N0756-75