Parker Hannifin Compounds

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Type: FFKM
Perfluoroelastomer is a rubber version of PTFE. It is avaliable from Parker under the tradename Parofluor

Usage: Parofluor materials exhibit outstanding retained resiliency as compared with other perfluorinated elastomers, because they're formulated specifically for use in the most demanding sealing applications. Parofluor and Parofluor ULTRA materials, whether formed into o-rings, custom-molded shapes or composite seals, can stand up to the toughest challenges your industry has to offer. Their broad chemical resistance, excellent thermal stability and ultra-high purity can help you reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve safety.


Parker Compound Recommended For Temp Range (F) Color
V1266-65 Plasma, Low Closure Force 5 to 572  White
V8545-75 AMS 7527, High Temp, FDA 5 to 572 Black
V8562-75 Low Leachables, FDA 5 to 572 White
V8581-90 Plasma, Low Outgassing 5 to 572 White
V8588-90 Chemically Resistant, Extrusion & ED Resistant 5 to 572 Black