Elastomeric Shapes

Elastomers (rubber, urethanes & other polymers) can be molded into most any shape imaginable for the user. There are specialty molded shapes that have their own identity; such as Balls, Bellows & Convulated Boots, Bumpers, Custom Molded Shapes, Diamond Seal, Diaphragms, Directional Valve Seals, Drop-In-Place SealsGrommets, Plugs & Blushings, H-Seal, Over-Molded & Sub-Assemblies, Press-In-Place Seals, Quad Rings, and Sealing for every Application. All molding methodologies are available, such as, compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, and, LIM (liquid injection molding). From geometrically, difficult one-out products to many millions of small parts; custom molding is a proven technology.

Darcoid works with Parker which manufactures seals including, but not limited to, face seals, radial seals, valves, over molded shapes, isolators, grommets, etc.