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Using online tools, you can learn enough to be dangerous.

The seal industry is maturing, consolidating. Tribal knowledge and talent that takes a full career to develop is retiring out faster than it’s being replaced. We’re doing something about that. Darcoid has been investing aggressively in our technical capabilities, and most importantly, in our technical people. We have trained engineers on staff working on new applications every day. The big brands in the industry will keep you at arm's length with chat bots and AI. Not Darcoid. You’ll have direct access to our technical team to help you with your application. Let us help you get your best work out into the world.

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You get to focus on your product’s core functionality - we’ll take care of the seal.

We have strong relationships with specialty seal manufacturers and materials expertise all over the world. This brings you a linecard of seal types and materials that is significantly broader than any one manufacturing company in the seal industry.

We will consider your project requirements and run them through a logic-based solutions matrix. This means we aren’t limited by the linecard of any one manufacturer. We work with the best in the business and have deep relationships with material science and applications engineers at world class companies such as Parker Hannifin. But that doesn’t limit us to recommending whatever solution is best for them. We ultimately recommend and evaluate the solution that is best for you, for your unique application.

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The Process

Your relationship with Darcoid’s technical team starts with a quick on-boarding conversation. You can shorten that engagement time by pre-completing our Engineering Request Form. After we’ve learned what’s most important about your application and what constraints we have to work with, our team will work up a selection of options.

In some instances, we can support our recommendations with FEA modeling analysis. With the correct inputs, non-linear FEA generally gives a high degree of theoretical confidence in the comparative performance of Seal A vs Seal B.

Where we feel FEA does not indicate a strong advantage of a particular design, we can deploy our Seal Test Bench to develop empirical performance data for comparison.

After running your application through a combination of standard design tools, our broad experience of what works and what doesn’t, and possibly FEA modeling, we will make our recommendation. From there we can create evaluation prototypes from anywhere from hours to weeks. If you don’t have the bandwidth to confirm suitability, we can deploy our Seal Test Bench capability to develop empirical performance data.

Your program manager will be checking in on development milestones but generally you’ll be interfacing with our apps engineers directly. No spin, no hard sell - just you and Darcoid’s seal application experts. Engage with a Darcoid engineer to get started.

While we encourage early-stage engagement, we are happy to engage with you at any stage in development. If early-stage collaboration is not possible we can fast track our support if you’re under pressure to find a fix for a surprise failure. Here’s more on how to engage with Darcoid’s Technical Team.