Bio Pharma Processing Equipment

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If you’re reading this because you have a late-stage pump or filtration seal performance problem please contact us now to troubleshoot and find the best solution. Quickly. We can ship prototype compression molded seals in two weeks, LSR molded parts in 4-6 weeks, and cut elastomer, plastics and foams/sponges in hours or days. FDA and USP Cl VI seals in stock ship same day.
Seal materials and profiles in bio pharma process applications are optimized to resist thermal, chemical and radiation sterilization while maintaining long term compression set resistance. High purity or neutral materials such as PTFE. FFKM (perfluoro elastomer) and VMQ (silicone) are prevalent in these applications. Novel design modifications often focus on limiting seal surface contact with process fluids to minimize any downstream contamination from the seal material itself.
Quality comes first with Darcoid. Nothing moves without Quality’s approval. Our team is driven to assure zero defects with control plans aligned to your quality process manual - We secured ISO 9001 registration in 2002 and we continue to innovate, most recently we certified to the IATF 16949:2016 standard in April 2021.
We recognize specific QA and regulatory requirements for bio pharma industry applications including ISO 13485. If you’re at all uncertain of your current seal supplier’s commitment to quality take our quick 5 question survey to see where they stand.
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If you’re visiting this page because you are dealing with recurring quality escapes please contact us and book time with our QA experts.. Our QA team has developed a wealth of seal quality expertise over the years. We know where and how escapes can happen at every step of the manufacturing process and what controls need to be in place and verified.
Radial, face, static, dynamic seals - we can take a look at your design and let you know if we see any concerns. Our technical team at Darcoid is driven to help you develop the best possible seal for your unique application. It can be as simple as an o-ring or as complex as a multi seal manifold configuration bonded to a metal or plastic compression limiting carrier. Engage with a Darcoid applications engineer as early in your project as possible to assure your project timeline and budget stay on track.
A critical part of your program’s success is making sure the seal that gets assembled in your product 4 or 5 years from now performs the same as the seal you qualify for production release. Small omissions or assumptions in your control specs can create major headaches in the future.. Darcoid Applications Engineers will teach you how to control Seal Performance Creep so you can rest easy and focus on developing your next great thing!
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Our fulfillment and supply chain teams’ mantra is “wherever and whenever you need it, your shipment will be there”. With inventory forward positioned in the USA, Europe and Asia we keep your lines running wherever in the world your product is assembled. Being easy to do business with is critical and everyone in our customer experience team is motivated and empowered to align with your business model to make that happen.
Darcoid has been in business for over 60 years and over that time we have come to recognize one simple truth: The performance of your product is directly related to the quality and reliability of the seal. With those words in mind we continue to innovate and collaborate with customers whose products change the world for the better. To deliver meaningful and measurable value to your entire organization we have built and deployed the powerful Next Level™ strategy - by deliberately integrating with your teams in quality, seal technology, fulfillment services and growth strategy. True Partnership.
We’re looking forward to earning your trust and becoming your go-to seal solutions provider.