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As an industry leader in the distribution of seals, Darcoid aims to take every customer to the “Next Level” with an unparalleled combination of innovation, technical expertise, and responsiveness. From seal assistance to value-added programs and engineered solutions, whether you're a buyer or engineer, we're confident we've got something for you. And as a pillar of our Next Level™ Strategy, My[D] is key to realizing your objectives.

What is My[D]?

My[D] was created to ensure we always keep our promises and exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether you’re dealing with strict regulatory requirements, rushing to meet a tight deadline, or desperately need a quick fix to restore confidence in your brand, Darcoid has the technical chops to rapidly assess your problem and create custom solutions that will get results and put you on a path to success. And thanks to Darcoid’s extensive industry knowledge and exceptional manufacturing partnerships, improving your existing compound to better meet your specific needs, reverse engineering a lost compound, or designing an entirely new seal solution is never beyond our capabilities. Get Ready to Let Us Tech Your Pants Off!

Form, Fit, and Function

Darcoid is committed to the Law of the 3Fs: Fit, Form, and Function. That means every My[D] Result has a reference number that clues you into the talking points/drivers and the rest of the back story, including the intended industry or market and the date created. While a manufacturer's part number only specifies a material, a Darcoid compound number specifies a PROGRAM that allows our customers to effortlessly pinpoint the right product, at the right price, and at the right time.

Here’s How My[D] is Driving Success for Darcoid Customers

Micro Precision LR in a Hurry
  • The Problem: A Project Manager with an innovative startup was running out of time, but the primary supplier of a specialty molded part was unable to meet stringent regulatory requirements or scale to production volumes that would meet the project deadline.
  • The Solution: Darcoid’s My[D] Fast capability produced LSR in just 3 weeks from production capable tooling.
  • The Success: Project deadline met, exacting assembly tolerance stack and regulatory compliance achieved.

Mystery Failure Mode Derails Product Launch

  • The Problem: A new-to-market premium performance bike component was seeing moisture ingress under tournament racing conditions, causing critical control electronics to malfunction. Our customer needed a quick fix to restore confidence with race teams – essential in marketing the component to a broader consumer base.
  • The Solution: Intensive engagement with the customer’s team revealed vibrational harmonics as the root cause. Material physical and deflection characteristics were modified to accommodate the vibration effects.
  • The Success: Running changes in the seal design allowed for an immediate fix. Race team confidence was restored, and the customer maintained its timeline for mass-market release.

Hard and Fast? Not Every Time

  • The Problem: The innovative designer of an autonomous delivery vehicle needed a seal for the cargo door, but solutions were limited with an extremely tight timeline for initial testing.
  • The Solution: Ultra-low closure force hollow profile designed by our Applications Engineering team and quickly prototyped with Darcoid's in-house precision splice vulcanizing capability.
  • The Success: Our customer’s beta test was released on time, and Darcoid is now routinely asked to solve other seal challenges on the platform.

Materials Innovation Boosts Extraction Efficiency

  • The Problem: A manufacturer of specialty oil & gas fracking equipment was losing market share. They needed their equipment to perform at higher temps and depth, and increase volume flow without increasing packaging size. But this could not be achieved using their existing sealing compounds and design. 
  • The Solution: We facilitated engineering and FEA support to optimize compound performance under higher pressures. A new compound was developed to exceed industry temperature limits by 50⁰ F while resisting chemical attack. Custom molded profiles were designed for multiple configurations.
  • The Success: Our customer achieved a performance differentiator that allowed for significant expansion of market share.
Let Darcoid and My[D] Take Your Business to the Next Level! From creating new solutions and embracing challenges to streamlining and assuring dependable delivery of your sealing needs, Darcoid is small enough to care yet large enough to deliver and make a difference.
To learn how we can leverage My[D] and our expertise to get the results that will drive your success, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at (510) 836 - 2449.