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Insert & Over Molding

Leveraging our manufacturing partners' extensive in-house prototype and production tooling capabilities, we offer medical and pharmaceutical OEMs a wide range of medical grade contract-molding services by way of liquid silicone molding (LIM/LSR), silicone injection and flash-less-molding, organic rubber injection and flash-less-molding, compression molding as well as extensive thermoplastic and TPE injection molding at Parker EMG facilities in California and Indiana.

This molding is done in ISO9001:2000 certified facilities. Depending on your specified requirements, our manufacturing partners mold the components in either Class 10,000 or Class 100,000 clean rooms. Implantable components and devices can be molded, assembled and fabricated in FDA Registered, ISO 13485 facilities. Non-critical components can be molded in one of our clean “white rooms”.

Image of Darcoid insert and over molding

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