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Packing, Printing, Sterilization


Chevron peel pouching utilizing Urania continuous band sealers, and SenCorp Thermal impulse bar sealers • we can assist in all aspects of packaging selection and utilize vendors who deliver quality materials, on time and at reasonable prices.

  • We can arrange D.O.T approved transit testing your for your product as requested.
  • All packaging equipment is fully validated and incorporates total process controls.
  • Further, our best-in-class manufacturing partners routinely validate and monitors package seals using constrained burst testing, dye penetration and peel strength methods.
  • Thermoformed blister tray Sealing utilizing both Alloyed and Belco Medical Sealers
  • Die-cut plastic and low lint chip board backers for organization and procedural logistics
  • Package testing is done using ARO 2600 burst testers, Instron force testers & liquid dye injection


  • Our manufacturing partners use FDA approved medical grade silicone adhesives and pigments to print (silk-screen) onto silicone medical devices.


  • Our contract manufacturing partner coordinates all aspects of sterilization including sterilization validations, quarterly dose audits, annual ETO re-qualifications and routine processing
  • They use only ISO certified processes and provide a certificate of processing with each shipment • Darcoid and our manufacturing partners such as Parker can help you select materials for your products which will allow you to use a preferred method of sterilization
Image of Darcoid sterilized medical packaging

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