Company Culture and Values

Darcoid Crest Tec logo'sDarcoid Nor-Cal Seal – Oakland, California

Seal Specialists for Original Equipment Manufacturers optimizing seal performance, quality, and cost.

Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal is seal focused, technically strong, and has superior quality systems in place serving global OEM customers in a variety of markets.

CrestTec – Austin, Texas

Driven to help achieve optimal tool performance, at a lower overall cost of ownership, through value analysis and value engineering.

CrestTec is Semicon focused; A supplier for OPM parts, alternate OPM parts & repair programs.

Culture: Our business is driven by our core values

  • Balance, belief that self, family and faith are #1
  • Respect employees and develop them
  • Treat fairly and challenge them to achieve
  • All have shared responsibility  to others and the company
  • Zero defects, reject prevention & innovation
  • Leaders develop people and processes
    • Culture facilitates continuous improvement
    • Listen and respond to customers’ needs
    • Close and lasting partnerships with suppliers