Vary by OEM, unlimited profile shapes.
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Pressure [Low]
Dynamic Service Speed [Static Only]
Seal Directionality [Bidirectional, Unidirectional],
Manufacturing Method [Extrude and splice join]
Common modifications Venting, PSA
Catalog Standards Vary by OEM, unlimited profile shapes.
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$
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Special Applications

Custom profile can be engineered to application specifics including low deflection forces, compression limiting feature.  PSA adhesive backing option. Mitre splice join option for rectangular layout.

More Information

Profiles and sizes
General profile shapes are grouped into P, D, Omega, U-Channel, etc. Standard catalog profiles are maintained by OEMs. Infinite shape varieties possible based on die extrusion process.
Modifications and secondary processes

Metal bonded, bolt holes, PSA pressure sensative adhesive backings

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