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Lathe-cut "Press-In-Place" style seals are made by extruding a profile with protrusions on the cross section, typically from the inner diameter. The protrusions, or tabs, and the outer diameter of the seal contact the sides of the gland and retain the seal with friction. This attribute makes Press-In-Place seals easier to assemble in applications where other seals would fall out of the gland. Lathe-cut press in place seals perform similarly to molded Press-In-Place seals with the advantage of typically having lower tooling and per piece cost.


  • Easy Installation
  • Seal retention without adhesive
  • No parting lines
  • No flash extensions
  • Low-cost alternative vs. molding
  • Low tooling cost


  • ID and sometimes OD nibs allow the seal to be self-retaining 
  • No flash, parting lines, voids, flow lines, or inclusions 
  • 0-8% radial bead squeeze
Image of Darcoid press in place gaskets

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