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Controlled Compression Gaskets

The Controlled Compression Gasket cannot be over-tightened! The CCG is composed of the elastomer of your choice with a ring of ultem® vulcanized inside the seal from the ring O.D. to the locating ring. This non-compressible polymer controls clamp compression to exactly the correct amount, allowing the properly positioned seal to make a perfect surface I.D. with the ferrules. No intrusion of the hygienic seal in the product flow is possible.

The Controlled Compression Gasket literally transforms the tri-clamp connection into a perfect I.D. connection. Because the ultem ring acts as a positive mechanical compression stop when clamping, the clamp will not loosen due to seal creep, aging or ΔT cycles. This is true for any standard or high pressure clamp regardless if the clamp is secured with a wing nut, standard nuts or Rubber Fab’s Torque-Rite®.

  • Hygienic seal meets ASME-BPE intrusion requirement of ± .020.
  • Works with virtually any manufacturer’s ferrules, fittings, clamps or combination thereof.
  • No torque requirement. Tighten until it stops (we suggest wetting the gasket with isopropyl alcohol during installation to insure uniform compression, especially the 1" CCG).
  • The CCG hygienic seal will allow for slight misalignment and ferrule face anomalies.
  • Available in EPDM, FKM and silicone.
  • Can be tabbed for traceability or non-tabbed with laser engraved batch and lot information.
  • FDA compliant, 3A and Class VI tested.
  • First major gasket design patent issued in the last 60 years.

Perfect...Every Time
Because there is no unsupported hygienic seal intruding into the product flow, the seal’s service life is greatly extended. With the minimum surface contact area exposed, particulates, TOCs and other extractables are dramatically reduced.

  • Compression of the hygienic seal surface is more than adequate to compensate for imperfections in ferrule faces. The ultem® ring is ductile enough to allow for piping misalignment.
  • The lettering on the ultem ring indicates the elastomer type. Ring can be a sanitary Type I standard style or tabbed. Tabbed ring provides permanent record of batch and lot number as well as date of manufacture for tracking. The tabbed ring allows customer to eliminate human contact with the hygienic seal surface and an area to record date of installation on the reverse side of the tab.
  • Ultem is an FDA compliant, USP Class VI approved, non compressible polymer. Maximum operating temperature rating is 450°F. Controlled Compression Gaskets can be autoclaved and depending on the elastomer selection can withstand up to 100 steam cycles.

Controlled Compression Gaskets

  • Hygienic seal material will not extrude into I.D. maintaining perfect surface I.D.
  • Transforms tri-clamp fittings into a perfect I.D. connection.
  • Maintains seal after thermal cycling.
  • No re-tightening required.
  • Complete control over amount of compression load on seal material.
  • Creates a static and leak tight seal.
  • Makes over-torquing impossible.
  • Superior cleaning, draining and sanitization guaranteed.
  • Certain elastomers can withstand up to 100 steam cycles.
  • Prevents soil retention and fluid hold-up.
  • Tabs indicate lot, batch, manufacture date, size and materials used.
  • Constant lot and batch traceability.
  • Tabs insure no potential human contamination during installation.
  • Works with standard and high pressure clamps.
  • 1" to 3" sizes available (excluding 2-1/2").
  • Complete traceability with color coded system.
  • Adjusts for misalignment.
  • Available standard or tabbed.
  • Metal Detectable Elastomers available.

Meeting the Stringent Standards For Purity

  • U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI Certification
  • Cytotoxicity Criteria
  • Title 21 CFR 177.2600
  • USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
  • ASME-BPE Standards
  • Animal Derived Ingredient Free
* Also available in screen and orifice plates
* Patent #6,867,638
Compression limiting gaskets which feature elastomer seal element bonded to metal or plastic substrate compression limited for uniform performance and long term seal resiliency while reducing assembly BOM count are also known as plate seals

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