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Pressure [High]
Dynamic Service Speed [N/a]
Seal Directionality [Unidirectional, Bidirectional],
Manufacturing Method [Metal forming, Coating],
Common modifications various profiles and metal laminate combinations
Catalog Standards N/A
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$$
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Special Applications

Very high closure force. Single use. Ultra high pressure / vacuum. Cryogenic

More Information

Sizing standards
Metal seals are typically associated with extreme applications. Metal seal OEMs have developed their own standards and profiles. Profiles can range from E to C to O and include flat gasket shapes. Consult with Darcoid technical team to configure the optimal metal seal for your application.


Metal seals are made from elements and alloys matched to the application. They are often coated or laminated to facilitate optimal coining with mating surfaces. Contact us to understand what is possible for your application.

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