SEAL_04 (1)
varies by OEM
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Pressure [High]
Dynamic Service Speed [Medium, High],
Seal Directionality [Unidirectional]
Manufacturing Method [Combination]
Common modifications
Catalog Standards varies by OEM
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$
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Special Applications

Used in series with other elements buffers primary seal from pressure spikes allowing some leakage, extends lifetime and operating pressure of primay seal

More Information

Standard hydraulic rod inch and metric sizes with profile and gland dimensions varying by OEM. Consult with Darcoid technical team for the optimal selection for your specific application.
Dry Seal assurance

Use in front of main seal to buffer the main seal from pressure extremes. Allows main seal to operate in a narrower envelope to assure a long life dry seal pack. Fluid bypassing buffer is trapped at main seal. Slotted/releif design on buffer facilitates "pump back" of this fluid, avoiding any instance of "pressure trap"

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