Varies by OEM
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Pressure [Medium, High],
Dynamic Service Speed [Low, Medium, High],
Seal Directionality [Unidirectional, Bidirectional],
Manufacturing Method [Compression, Transfer, Interference fit assy],
Common modifications Combination of elastomer, thermoplastic, metal elements in series
Catalog Standards Varies by OEM
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$$
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Special Applications

Single or multi seal/wiper elements create wide range of configurations. Single unit replaces multiple discrete seal elements, configureable lip loading, anti extrusion features, friction modification

More Information

Space saving, labor saving, performance enhancing.
Cassette seals build on the foundations of metal can / Oil seals and add additional elements in a self-contained seal stack. This adds functionality into a single component producing significant savings in real estate and simplifying installation.

Some catalog standards, varying by OEM, but invariably custom designed for bespoke applications. Common brand: Flexicase by Parker

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