N/A. Standard cross section diameter and custom
block pattern


Pressure [Low]
Dynamic Service Speed [Static Only]
Seal Directionality [Bidirectional]
Manufacturing Method [Extrude and splice join]
Common modifications Internal venting
Catalog Standards N/A. Standard cross section diameter and custom
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$
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Special Applications

Hollow cross section means different sealing principles apply vs homogenous solid profiles.  Engagement with Darcoid technical team recommended. Limits to small ID but otherwise unlimited dimensions.  

More Information

Low closure force environmental sealing
Use where fastening system and mating component materials are not able to apply uniform loading, or where lower linear deflection forces are available. Typical applications include environmental enclosures protecting electronics from outside moisture and contaminants.

Seal cross sectional wall thickness in industry standards but the extrusion manufacturing process allows for near infinite size selection. Limitations on minimum ID of finished seal based on cross sectional dimensions. Unlimited upper end ID of finished seal.

Design considerations

Hollow o-ring cross section performs differently under load than homogenous solid cross sections allowing for narrower gland than standard o-ring, and different interference fit considerations. Engage with our technical team to learn more.

Other Modifications

Venting, center core, custom center profile

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